Review: Switched by N.R. Walker

Wednesday, July 12

My rating:
5 Stars…
Quote…Never in my life have I ever doubted you. Quote…

What I loved:

This book had all of the good things.
* Thoughtful character building
* Quirky humour and legitimate LOLs
* Massive chemistry and that good, good sexual tension
* Perfect tempo and little reveals that felt genuine and natural
* Organic drama and angst - nothing felt forced, manufactured or like it didn't belong.

That's probably the best thing about this gorgeous story - I can't image it unfolding any other way. All these things had to happen, and the story was made even more beautiful because of the pain. Loved it, loved it, loved it!

So, Israel's family is ass. Rich, but still - ass. He's been told all his life that he's an embarassment, he's been neglected, unloved, and lonely, and the only person he ever had was Sam, and Sam's family. They're BFFs, and Israel knows he relies too heavily on Sam and is trying to cut those whatever the BFF equivalent of apron strings is. And even though nothing could take away how crap his family made him feel all his life, I thought how N.R. Walker slowly eased his parents own issues into the story was perfect.
Quote…He laughed. "And I don't mean to brag or anything, but your father totally spoke to me like I was a human being. In his house." Quote…

I loves me some friends to lovers trope. Loves. It. And Ms Walker does it so, so right - the loyalty, and understanding, and honesty between them. The humour, the history, the angst when they are separated. All of it was delicious.
Quote…He was my best friend, my one and fucking only... Quote…

What I didn’t love:

There's nothing I didn't love. Switched is wonderful. Except I ended up with the Spongebob song and Tracy Chapman stuck in my head for days.

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