Review: Sunset Park (Five Boroughs #2) by Santino Hassell

Sunday, July 16

My rating:
4 Stars…
Quote…Yeah. It is. So just let me love you and stop being a punk about it. Quote…
What I loved:

This is hard.
There were so many things I loved about this story, that it should have been near perfect for me. But, there were also so many things driving me crazy. Let's try and keep this short, shall we?

Raymond. One of my favourite imaginary people of all time. Mr Hassell created such a unique, multi-faceted, wonderful, delicious tower of hotness when he created Raymond. Yum.

David. It was super brave, and really smart, to take a character that wasn't a whole lot of goodness in the first book, and turn him into our love interest in this one. I loved that SH did that so cleverly!
Quote…My jealous streak ran long and wide and was strong enough to decimate small villages. Quote…
The writing. The realness of what Raymond and his whole crew were going through, the genuine relationships, and the way Mr Hassell takes NYC and turns her into a character all of her own! Like, the way he writes, this story wouldn't be the same anywhere else. Also, that'd be dumb because the city setting is in the damn title.

Holy hotness, Batman. Love how freaky this series can get.
Quote…No?" One of his hands slipped down and around my hip, dropping to my crotch. He squeezed, kneading my traitorous, hardening cock. "Feels like you get off on it. Quote…

What I didn’t love:

At one point late in the story, I started skimming. It started to feel like the book was more about Caleb and David, than David and Raymond. I just wanted Caleb to piss off home. And then! When Raymond says the thing, and David doesn't bloody listen and that's the whole reason Raymond ends up in the situation he gets into!!


U guys.

I was maaaaaaad. At David. At dumb Caleb. At Santino Hassell for doing this to my emotions.


I am loving this series, loving these characters, loving the setting, and loving pretty much everything else. Little bit pissed that the next story is about Caleb and Oli - like, the worst parts of this book, but if anyone can redeem those two, Santino Hassell can.


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