Review: Stay (WAGs #2) by Sarina Bowen

Saturday, July 1

My rating:
4 Stars…

Quote…Maybe I can convince you to kiss me again. I’m right here, honey. Come get me. Quote…
What I loved:

I love that these authors don't go for the obvious plot points. Our sexy celebrity striker hasn't had sex since his divorce.
Our heroine is maintaining a mature business relationship with her ex-hubby, even though she's hurting.
Quote…The boy I fell in love with and married. Jackson and I never raised our voices to each other - not even once - during our eight year marriage. It's disheartening that we're doing it now. Quote…
The things that could have been massive issues were dealt with maturely, and our couple moved on. No redundant angst and - thank you, ladies - no weird, relationship-threatening misunderstandings.
I just really liked how emotionally driven and warm this story was. Except Kara, she was all cry me a river with my champagne lifestyle and awesome hubby and well adjusted kids and huge house and cute dog. But see, even their strained relationship felt real.

Great relationship building. Not just between Hottie & Snipes, but with the team, and with Hailey and her own friendships, and the WAGs. OK. What I'm trying to say is, this is a people-centric story. But I've already written a lot of things, so I'm not going to delete them.
Quote…Wow." I sigh, fanning my flushed face. "This is very invigorating. It's been over a year since I..."
"Had sex?" Jenny finishes.
"... saw a hockey game in person," I correct, even though that other thing is also true.
Cute Rufus. Characters with pets are instantly better characters.

I've never read a virtual assistant character before.

Lemming and his Lemur convo.


What I didn’t love:
Nothing, really. It was a great story!


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