Review: Owning It (Metropolis #3) by Riley Hart

Monday, July 10

My rating:
4.5 Stars…
Quote…You should always be thinking about me, Daddy. I'm kind of a big deal. Quote…
What I loved:

Derek. He was just so much more than he showed the world, and all the stuff he kept hidden was so good! I could totally see why Jackson wanted to wrap him up in cotton wool and keep him safe, because I wanted that for him, too.
Quote…I'm not the kind of person who he could ever be serious about. The kind of guy he could take to work functions or to birthday parties with his ex-wife and son. The guys I've hooked up with in the past - ones I've considered more with - they've known that about me. And that's why they've moved on. Quote…

Jackson could not have been designed to be any more perfect for Derek. I felt like he was everything Derek needed - stable, consistent, patient, responsible, powerful, reliable, and dominating. I loved how well he took care of his boy, and his ex-wife, and his son, and pretty much everybody else who came into his life.
Quote…It's a habit of mine - being overbearing and taking care of people. I'm working on it. Quote…
The overall storyline. Loved all the little nuances and quirks, and the relationships that supported our main guys. Especially Uncle Randy and Gare-bear et al. Really good characters.

The writing was very good. I'm actually reading another McCormack/Hart collaboration at the moment, and I really like them as a pair. Their stories are a good mix of emotion, angst, raunch, and humour for me.

And the porn-awesomeness??? This one is gloriously graphic in the smut department.

And! I loved how Derek gradually opened up to Jackson, and they didn't play games. Loved, loved, loved it. So much honesty and candor between them.


Is Evan getting a story? I liked him and Frankie.

What I didn’t love:
Quote…Now I get to see if you're all talk, boy. Quote…
I don't know what it is about calling someone boy that makes me instantly conjure this ole boy in my head...

I'm not talking about good boy or naughty boy or even my boy. That is some hotness. But boy on it's own feels super Waterboy redneck and makes me cringe.


Awesome book! And it can be read as a standalone, I guess, because I haven't read Metropolis #1 or 2 and I wasn't lost at all.

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