Review: Mine by M. Caspian

Thursday, July 6

My rating:
3 Stars…
Quote…He needed to keep this; Mr. Kavanagh's approval was intoxicating, and he wanted to drown in it. Quote…
What I loved:

Even though it was such a quick read, M Caspian was able to draw me in emotionally, do some character building, and lay on some tremendous freaky-deaky smut. Definitely a goodie!
Quote…And now, I'm going to make you my perfect little fuck toy. And you're going to love it, aren't you, sweetheart? Quote…


Responsible, open communication before they finally got down to the sexy times.
Quote…I promise never to get mad at you, sweetheart, just because you need a little more time. Quote…
What I didn’t love:

The price. NZD$4.82 for 55 pages total - that's 9 cents per page. At that rate, my Kindle copy of Gone With The Wind would have cost me NZD$87.
Ok... that's an asshole comparison to make. But comparing like for like - like being M/M Daddy/Boy smut - His Boy cost half as much, for almost 4 times as many pages. Touching Ink cost the same as Mine, but for over 3 times the page count. Think of all the extra smuttiness you can get in. That's the bang for your buck I'm talking about.

Also, to pay that much and still have a couple of errors in there was a bit of a kick in the 'nads.


I'd read this author again, because the writing was skillful and the smut game was strong. But I wouldn't pay this price for a short story again. I really dropped the ball there.


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