Review: First and First (Five Boroughs #3) by Santino Hassell

Tuesday, July 18

My rating:
4.5 Stars…
Quote…And what would those feelings be?"
"All of them," he growled.


What I loved:

How does he do this? How do you take characters like boring, asexual, condescending Caleb and asshole Oli who tries to bang his friends exes and make me love them the most?? So clever.

Caleb was so misunderstood. With his resting bitch face, his own insecurities, and his loneliness, I had him all wrong, and I just want to cuddle the bejesus out of him now. He had so much depth, and so much love to give if he could just learn to open up, and he was so, so much more than just money. He'd spent so long just accepting second place, and trying not to rock the boat, or scare people away, that he'd scrunched himself up into nothing. But when he came out of his shell? Ooooooh, I loved him so hard.
Quote…But I didn't let my confusion show. I didn't do anything that would send him skittering off. I just nodded, and smiled, and enjoyed the attention while I had it. Quote…
Oli! There were times when Oli needed a good kick in the nads, but when he was good - he was so, so good. At everything. He was the perfect complement to Caleb, and I loved that they brought out the best in each other.

So fun to meet Aiden & Jace. I'd totally read that story a billion times.

The Liberty X premise, Ashton, Mere and the rest of the crew. This story had so many memorable things.

Of course, the sexy times and the writing were impeccably done.

What I didn’t love:

There was this one scene. In the basement bar, with a lack of safe word and bit too much pain for the pleasure.


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