Review: Concourse (Five Boroughs #5) by Santino Hassell

Thursday, July 20

My rating:
4 Stars…
Quote…There was nothing special about it, other than the fact that my favorite person lived there, and that the lock was broken, which was unsafe but also convenient for me to slide in unannounced. Quote…
Never have I seen such an interesting description of a building.

What I loved:

Ashton is the bees knees in cats pajamas eating chocolate fish. He had such a glorious open heart, he was loyal, he was kind, self-deprecating, humble, loving, and generous. And he was instafamous, which was interesting to read about. I felt so bad for him, always trying to please everyone and make people happy so they'd stay, and all the time he just had Valdrin. I so desperately wanted him to have more people who loved him, because he deserved all the good things.
Quote…Yeah, Ash. Whatever you want."
He grinned like he'd just won a prize. "Thank you. I missed you so much."
I smiled back, fainter. "Me, too."
SH writes some witty banter. So many things about this story made me chuckle snort to myself.

And of course, the writing, the editing, the smut and the peripheral characters were excellent! In my binge read of all things Santino Hassell, I've become kinda spoilt by the character development and human-ness of a Hassell read. I'm dreading my first non-Hassell read.

Ok... is the next book going to be about Brett Decker? Because as much as I hated that Ashton got put in the position he was in - by his own brother - I actually felt a little sorry for Brett. And I want to know what happens with his nephew.

What I didn’t love:
Quote…He'd been so grateful to hear my voice that he'd nearly cried. Quote…
That quote is part of the reason that I love Ashton, and dis-love Valdrin. Valdrin knew how much he was hurting Ashton with his hot and cold bullshit and his fake friendship/crush/love whatever. I just thought it was unfair that for all Valdrin's protective buzz, he couldn't manage to operate without breaking Ashton's heart repeatedly.

Also, for some reason, I didn't connect with Valdrin's sister, or the entire boxing premise. I did like Luis and all the Bronson drama, but there was just a disconnect that I couldn't quite bridge every time Valdrin went to the gym... unless he took Ashton.


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