Review: Brutal Game (Flynn & Laurel #2) by Cara McKenna

Saturday, July 8
My rating:
3 Stars…
Quote…I'm gonna tell you something right now, and I want you to remember it every time I'm angry with you, for as long as we're together."

"All right."

"I wouldn't be this ripped up if I didn't love you. I don't waste my time feeling pissed or hurt or let down unless the person who managed to make me feel it actually matters to me.

What I loved:

The smut was hot as shit. I'm always loyal to Cara McKenna's dirty, dirty mind.

I still loved Flynn just as much as I did 7 years ago! He's one of my ultimate book men. Like, not a book boyfriend because I don't know if my ass could realistically handle that, but he's super hot and I want him in my life. He's just as amazing as he was in Willing Victim


Even though I wasn't expecting it, the romance was very sweet.

What I didn’t love:

The angst. Imma be honest here. I liked book #1 for the sex. It was cool that there was character development, and things happened outside of Flynn's loft apartment of good freakness, but it was all filler for me. So this one had too much story for what I had expected. Like: Expectation was dirty, dirty smut with a bit of lighthearted banter in between. Reality was a whole lot of angst with some sex in between to take the edge off.

The trope that kicks it all off. Not a fan. Like, I hate it. As soon as I realised that's what was happening, I almost DNF'd because 4 other books calling my name. I am glad I finished it, because the story was good, but yeah - not my thing.


A good read, but not what I'd hoped for after one of my fave novellas of all time.
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