Review: The Weight of It All by N.R. Walker

Thursday, June 22

My rating:
4 Stars…
Quote…He smirked like he knew the answer already. "Does it work?"
"Yes," I answered way too quickly. I wouldn't apologise for my excitement. He should just be grateful I didn't answer with interpretive dance. "Yes, it does.

What I loved:

I thought this story was hilarious! I loved so many things about Henry, and even though he hid behind jokes, his jokes were funny as shit and I loved listening to him.

Henry. I loved his motivation, and commitment to improving himself, and how - when he put himself out there and let people see the real him - he was spectacular. I would so love to be his friend. Except now he's super fit and active, and my most hardcore exercise this week involved carrying a wine delivery into my kitchen, but we could cook together because he makes some delicious dishes! I adored so many things about him, with all his social awkwardness.
Quote…Now I walked in with a smile. I couldn't believe how much had changed.
"Hi, Henry," some guy said, I think his name was Dave.
"Good, thanks."
Okay, well, not that much had changed.
Reed. Not only does he sound delicious, he's a genuinely nice guy. This was a nice, happy, sweet and enjoyable story, with wonderful characters and a whole lot of the joys going on. I really needed Reed to get his HEA, because he earned it from start to finish.

Eadie - the sister. Even though we only met her once, I liked her. And Sean. And Henry's mum. Ms. Walker writes wonderful characters.

Also, I've read a lot of stories lately that involve some level of angst around the heroes being gay, and this story had none of that. Nobody cared that they were gay, neither of them were hiding it, and nobody in their lives had issue with it. Sean, Henry's BFF's boyfriend, was a spectacular conduit for laidback acceptance.
Quote…"I won't change that much," I replied. "Because believe me, when this pasta comes out I'm gonna suck those carbs down like a blowjob."
Sean choked on his drink, and Anika raised her glass to mine. "That's my boy."
Also, I enjoyed reading an Aussie based story, because I know the places Ms Walker is talking about, and they speak like kiwis. So I feel like this is happening to someone I know. I like relateable.

What I didn’t love:

The sex scenes were good, but over super quick. Like, with all the sexual tension that built up, I thought it would be more explosive. Actually, being explosive was kind of the problem.

Owned. That phrase was used a lot. He owned me with his tongue. Or with his kiss. Or with his body. Just, yeah... a lot of owning happening.

Emily and The Chat. I felt like that ruined what came after it a little bit, especially since this is a great, slow burn story. To have her push things the way she did didn't seem like it fit.

I liked this story and the characters heaps, but I just wanted a little more in certain places.
Overall, though...


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