Review: Watching and Wanting (Housemates #4) by Jay Northcote

Friday, June 2

My rating:
4 Stars…
Quote…Jude covered Shawn's body with his own and pressed kisses up his spine, across his shoulders, and back down until his breath was hot in the crack of Shawn's arse.
"Is this ok?" he asked.


What I loved:

I thought Jude was fantastic. He's out and proud, confident, charismatic, honest, and goes after what he wants. I loved that he always spoke up about what he wanted, and what he needed from Shawn, even though what they wanted at the time led to a not good place.
Quote…Fuck." Jude gave a harsh chuckle that sounded nothing like amusement. "Yeah, okay, that does actually make it worse. I almost wish I hadn't asked."
Shawn grew on me. At first, I thought he was a homophobic asshole but as we got to know him I appreciated how much of a struggle all this change was for him, and admired him for having the courage to do the things he did.

The camboy thing. My first ever M/M romance read was Hot Head - which was un-fucking-beweavable. So I have a thing for these out-for-you romances that get disguised as mates-doing-camboy-mates-a-favour-even-though-they're-totally-straight-right-now romances.

Ok. The x-ratedness game is bow-chicka-wow-wow strong in this one. Mr Northcote writes incredible smut.


Also, I liked that it's part of a series that I didn't have to read beforehand. It definitely held it's own as a standalone, and I don't feel pressured to read any of the others. I mean, I'm gonna, but only because I love Jay Northcote's writing style and filthy mind.

What I didn’t love:

I actually really didn't like Jude when he pressured Shawn to come out. Poor Shawn had only admitted to what he wanted literally a week ago! And Jude put him in such an awkward position. I was super mad.

It's so short! On the plus side, Mr Northcote does an excellent job of drawing me into the story and building the characters, instead of feeling like I'm just reading porn. On the minus side, I don't feel like I'm fully invested in anyone when the book is this short. One really cool thing was, though, the Epilogue is only a couple of weeks later so it feels in proportion to the story. If that makes sense? Like, the story itself takes place over a few weeks, so to have the Epilogue be 5 years later would be stupid. We didn't even know the characters that long.


Definitely a hit. Liked it tremendously.

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