Review: Strong Signal (Cyberlove #1) by Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell

Saturday, June 24

My rating:
4.5 Stars…
Quote…But I'll do it. I'd rather have you that way than not at all. Quote…

What I loved:
Amazing storytelling. I would not have thought an agoraphobic gaymer and a scowly, quiet vet could have been exciting to read about - but holy shit! This was so good! I loved that their story was so character-centric that it didn't matter what was actually going on in their lives - what mattered was the personal relationships. This story kept a fast pace and a smooth tempo, and built up well over time, despite two very introverted heroes.

Amazing characters. Great development, great banter, lots of fun, lots of hotness, lots of real, down to earth people type thing. Family loyalty and love!

Hello, Nicky C. You kind of are a d-bag in this one, so I'm glad Ms Erickson and Mr Hassell turned that around so spectacularly in book #2!
Quote…The steadily building rage was very close to hitting a peak. "You must think you're something special to believe you're getting a piece of me while talking all that bullshit."
"I know I'm something special, sweetheart." His accent made it sound more like
sweethawt." And I'm a pretty prime cut for you to be turning down. You think you can do better?"Quote…
Even though he says dumb shit like this all through this book, I still love him & Fast Connection just the same.

How hot can a long distance romance be? Oh my God, Garrett and Kai have cyber sex sewn up tiiiiiight.
Quote…Garrett: Watching you. In person. Steady escalation fro there.
Kai: Escalation in increments? ;)
Garrett: Yup. First I watch. Then I jerk off with you. Then we jerk each other. Then I kiss you.
Kai: That seems like a de-escalation.
Garrett: Not the way I kiss.


What I didn’t love:

Being that I understand agoraphobia like not at all, I did get kind of frustrated with how caught up in Kai's issues they both were. Like, Garrett needed love and understanding and support, too. But I can't bitch about it too much, because Kai does some amazing shit for Garrett.

Love this series so hard. Also - the bit where Kai does pretzel position. Is that possible?? Holy shit!

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