Review: Shane (Mallick Brothers #1) by Jessica Gadziala

Monday, June 12

My rating:
4.5 Stars…

Quote…So what I'm saying is, this shit with you and me? I'm in."


Oh, Shane - stop with all your flowery prose.

What I loved:

I have an unhealthy love for anti-heroes. Clearly you have it, too, or you wouldn't be looking at books like this. Shane is that in all it's violent, vengeful, rough, growly, foul-mouthed, dirty talking goodness. He is also a family man, a protector, a good brother, a business man, and a good dresser. He's really practical, too, and not as OTT jealous as some of these guys can get. Delicious.


Lea. She's got a pretty messed up past. She's been abused, she's got someone after her, hurting the people she cares about. Ok - side note. The people she cares about suck ass. Anyway, so despite all the bad in her life, she's a sensible, hard working, suck-it-up-buttercup-and-grab-life-by-the-balls heroine that I just adored. She didn't sit back and lick her wounds and let Shane handle her life for her - and she totally could have. He was absolutely the provider type. But she faced up to her problems when the time came, she didn't do that stupid thing that some heroines do when shit hits the fan. You know, when they try to sneak off, lie and act TSTL to "protect" the new people they love, and because of their crap plan they end up dragging everyone into their problem and putting all the people at risk? That stupid thing. She doesn't do any of that. She's honest. She's up front. She's a big girl. I loved her.
Quote…I slept, ate, showered, shopped, I everything'd alone. It was nice to be around people.
The Mallicks & Fee. What a cool family. I loved Helen & Charlie, and all Shane's brothers. Obvs, because yum. Is Eli getting a story? I so want to know more about him! But I loved the underlying family vibe to this story - their loyalty, their support of one another, their love for Fee & Hunter's babies. Also, you know, they kick ass.

And hello my beautiful Henchmen! I have an unhealthy obsession with I've read everything in Ms Gadziala's Henchmen MC series, and Shane obviously fits into the Navesink Bank universe somewhere back before Reign and all his fine ass brotherhood met their women. So it was amazing to even get a glimpse of them way back in the day. Except that bit where Reign is going to give Lea a ride home. I was so pissed for Summer when that happened - luckily, Summer didn't actually exist yet. Whatever. I already warned you my obsession isn't healthy.


This story deals with rape. That's not exactly something I love in a story, but I did love the way it was handled, and that it wasn't in my face. I wasn't in the mood to see that all play out, and I'm grateful that Ms Gadziala didn't put me through that.


What I didn’t love:

Lea's treatment of the waitress. Why did that bother me so much? The waitress was a bit of a dick, but I just felt like Lea bullied her by calling her out in front of the whole family.

Lea's loved ones, pre-Mallick family. Not sure if this is a spoiler so what the hell I felt like we should have been clued into the fact that they sucked super hard, before we were. I couldn't understand how she left them all behind, and so I struggled to connect with her when I found out that's what she'd done. I loved her once I realised, but it was that in-between stage that was a massive problem for me.


I don't want to book-curse myself, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to love this series. Shane's story is such an awesome start!

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