Review: Rough (Filthy F*ckers MC #2) by Scott Hildreth

Wednesday, May 31

My rating:
5 Stars…
Quote…A great kiss is a sign of what's to come."


What I loved:

Tegan. She might be one of my favourite heroines in all the book worlds ♥ She's so comfy in her own skin, so genuine, candid, but also thoughtful, caring, open hearted, strong, independent, and she doesn't take shit from anyone. She's just so many great things. I have so many highlighted sections for her that I don't even know which ones to show you!
Quote…I let you slide the first time you called me a bitch, back at the wreck. I felt like I owed it to you. But if you call me a bitch again, I'll drop your big ass where you stand."


Pee Bee. Ok, so I was in love with him after Hard, but I always thought his name was short for Peanut Butter. Who knows why I thought that. Anyway - he's aaaahhhhhh-mazing. I love me some sexy giant, and he's 6'8 so yeah - there's that. But more than that, he's so cool. I love that this is an enemies to lovers story, and he really is an asshole to her in the beginning. And for some damaged reason I find that hella sexy. Then we see them building a relationship, and I loved the way it unfolded. No insta-love here, and I was so excited by how this story focused on our characters, and didn't lean on the FFMC or manufactured, unnecessary dramas. And Pee Bee is actually such a gentleman. When he decides to step up and woo (tried to find another word, but woo fit best), holy shitballs he does it all the way.

And the vengeance. The delicious, evil, violent vengeance against that guy! I love when Pee Bee unleashes his inner demon.
Quote…If you scream or stand up while I'm walking away, I'll come back here and cut your fuckin' throat, understood?"

The relationships. This is what I mean - this story was all about the characters, and their bonds with each other. Pee Bee and Bradley, Tegan and Bradley, Bradley & Deann, Crip & Cholo & Pee Bee... considering that this story deals with a really sad thing, there were so many heartwarming, happy, laugh out loud moments to be had here.
Quote…You do one thing, and I mean only one, to hurt that girl emotionally, physically, or spiritually, I'll get up out of this chair and kick your ass up between your shoulder blades. You'll have to take off your shirt to take a god damned shit. Is that understood?"
"God damn, Pop. I was just -"
Quote…You didn't have to fuck with me in front of the fellas, Crip," I complained. "Seems like you just like doing it sometimes."
"How long you been in the club, princess?"
I glared at him. "See? That was un-fucking-necessary."
- Crip & Pee Bee
What I didn’t love:

I would have liked to know more about what Tegan's ex did. Maybe?

Also - and this isn't the author's fault at all because technically Bradley was right to play it in Scrabble, but our native tree is not called a kaury. It's a kauri. Fuck you, Websters Dictionary. If you're interested, this is a kauri - his name is Tane Mahuta and he's 2000 years old. Those little coloured blobs at the bottom of the picture are full grown humans.


And now, back to the review...

Quote…Balls out.
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