Review: Mature Content (Cyberlove #4) by Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell

Tuesday, June 27

My rating:
2 Stars…


What I loved:

In many ways this is Enemies-to-Lovers done right. These two legitimately hate each other in the beginning. With this also comes one of my major negatives, but I really liked how Ms Erickson & Mr Hassell built up the enemy thing.

The writing is very good. Like - grammar, punctuation, dialogue, all of that was all the good things that I've come to expect from these authors.

The sexy times later in the book. Like.. hellz yeah. I love the Cyberlove series smut level.
Quote…Let me turn it up. I'll come so hard for you, Beau. Quote…

What I didn’t love:

So, it turns out I only like rough, bossy smut when there's something between the characters. Hatefucking clearly is not my thing, so as much as I loved the enemies-to-lovers trope here, I did not love how this parlayed into rough, cold, emotionless sex. Don't get me wrong - the smut is hot - but I didn't enjoy it when the characters hated each other so much. Once they warmed to each other, I was super onboard widdit.

The drama and blackmail just felt so unneccesary. I thought Beau's reasons for pulling the shit he pulls are redundant - and the fact that he takes the whooooole book to come to that same conclusion bugged me a tremendous amount.

I found both the main characters, and pretty much all their friends, to be kinda bitchy. Like, camp bitchy (which I love not) as opposed to take no shit bitchy (which I adore).


I watch this channel on youtube. It's called Travis & Jack, and I swear. to. God. This book could be fanfic for those two, until they became online boyfriends. TrashyZane is Jack (except with short hair), Beau is Travis, both youtube famous for their own channels... Anyway.
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