Review: Mack Daddy by Penelope Ward

Wednesday, June 14

My rating:
1.5 Stars…


What I loved:

Ms Ward does great dirty. One full star just for that, alone.

I liked Victor. And Jonah, Mack's son, was a pretty interesting little fella with all his issues.

What I didn’t love:

Just too many little things that, when combined, makes for one unappetizing story. The powerful, corrupt father figure and the idealistic son - I've read this story before, many times, in many incarnations, and this version was the flattest, dullest and most obvious, all at once. Heroine calling other women whores, whilst cheating (especially when Frankie's boyfriend didn't even need to exist!), justifying shit to make the plot work (evil ex, evil father, etc), couple moving too fast, unrelateable heroine, perfect godlike hero, random peripheral characters used to create dialogue that will point stuff out to the reader because A. we're too stupid to figure it out on our own, or B. the author hasn't taken the time to paint the picture. Caricature characters that had no human-ness at all. Just all of it.

1 star for the excellent smut, 1/2 pity star for Victor getting his ass played and not in the way I'd like to read it, no stars for the done-to-death plot, flat characters or the forgettable story.


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