Review: Laurent and the Beast by K.A. Merikan

Saturday, June 10

My rating:
3.5 Stars… 
If it wasn't for the grammar, it would be a 5.
Quote…The initial chapters of his life barely contained anything, and yet the rest of them, all the pages he'd been so long waiting to fill with something meaningful, something other than servitude, were about to be torn apart.Quote…


What I loved:
I had massive problems with this book, but at the end of it all - I loved the story, and I'm going to read the next book, so still giving it 4 stars couldn't do it, downgrading to 3.5. Here's what I loved:

The characters were wonderful in a faulty, flawed, you-have-issues kind of way.

Laurent. He was manipulative and scheming, but I also loved him for the sheer beauty of his nature. He was trying so hard to fit in, and to learn about where he was, and the whole reason he was in this situation was because he was a beautiful, gentle, naive soul and he deserved to have good in his life. So, while he pissed me off something chronic at times, I still cared about him tremendously. And his wanting to be useful! And plastic! And his glasses!

Quote…Laurent popped the case open, not even caring that his movements were quick and greedy, as if he were a beggar who hadn't eaten for days...Quote…

Beast. So many issues with Beast, but you could see why he was the way he was. He was deeply damaged, sensitive, vain and insecure, but he really just wanted to be loved, and I totally would have loved the shit out of him. Also, he loved his dog and Misses Merikan didn't kill the dog off to kick me in the balls, so I was tempted to go 5 stars just for that. I may still.

Quote…Beast was losing all energy, and when he tried to shoot again, his grip on the Magnum faltered, and it dropped to the stairs. "Get him," he urged Hound, and it was all the dog needed to act.Quote…

This was gothic dark, but not fucked up dark. So - at the darkest level of the horrifically painful shit I'll tolerate in my reads (we'll call this a level 10) would be Tillie Cole's Hades Hangmen, Keri Lake's Ricochet, and Jessica Gadziala's Henchmen MC. All of which I adore more than even wine. At the lightest level, just rainbow happy reads that I love (these being a level 1) would be Jennifer Crusie's Bet Me. Laurent & Beast's story would be like a 7. Dark shit happens, but it's not uncomfortable dark. It's just gothic, and kind of mysterious, and macabre, and there is the threat of worse. No assaulted women, no torture, no rape, no hurt children, no dead animals.


The time travel trope. So many things about this made me happy it's 2017. That was awesome.

The MC. I loved their chemistry, their banter, their own little dramas, and how debauched their club was.

What I didn’t love:

The grammar and sentence structure drove me batshit. Some sentences didn't even make sense, and the use of tenses was confused. I haven't gotten around to googling Misses Merikan yet, but Imma go ahead and say English is not their native tongue. There were phrases that didn't flow, and even a couple of sentences that said the total opposite of what I think they were trying to put across. At times, as much as I loved the actual storyline, I thought I was going to have to DNF because I couldn't get through the story without making corrections in my head. And ok, you know how when you do that, you come out of the story and you just start reading words? Yeah. That. A hundred fucking times.

Sometimes I felt like Beast & Laurent's relationship was actually deteriorating over time.


Awesome story, interesting characters, but I hope the writing improves dramatically for Knight's book.
Quote…His enthusiasm dimmed somewhat when he realized that if Hell had books, they might be filled with empty pages, to mock anyone who reached for a novel to soothe their mind.
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