Review: How to Howl at the Moon (Howl at the Moon #1) by Eli Easton

Wednesday, June 28

My rating:
4 Stars…
Quote…Lance's inner dog was wagging it's tail so hard, he had difficulty keeping his hips still. Quote…

What I loved:

I'm a sucker for friends-to-enemies romance, so I loved how Lance pissed Tim off early on. You could actually feel Lance screwing everything up.
Quote…Tim could just picture Sheriff Blowhard staring at him all disgusted because he'd hit a poor defenseless dog.
Tim was such a loveable, HEA deserving character. He's been through some shit, but he's trying so hard to get back on his feet, and he's got such a sweet nature. Also, the way he cares for his plants made me care about his plants... and that's just something I never thought I'd be able to muster.

Lance's sweet side. A lot of the time I thought he was such an idiot, but the way he realised he was bonding way quicker than Tim, and how he fell apart when Tim got mad, and how he wanted to take care of Tim forever - all of that was wonderful!
Quote…He himself had moved ahead in his feelings about Tim. But Tim was still standing still at that 'bat-shit crazy sheriff guy' first impression
Lily - the ultimate interfering mother-in-law. I couldn't believe what she did, but in her own overbearing way, she was trying to help, so she won me over.

The writing. I love the way Eli Easton weaves her yarn - there's no rambling, no hella long descriptions about shit that doesn't matter. It's all about her characters, and wonderful words.
Quote…He watered them with H2O and gut-felt prayers.

What I didn’t love:

I read book #2 first, and it's one of my faves of all time. My biggest concern before I started that one was how dog shifter sex was going to be done in an un-weird way. That story did it amazingly well. This one, not as much. It bordered uncomfortable for me, even though Quickened sex only happens between humans - like, it's not freaky. But there's an awful lot of crotch sniffing, and this gem:
Quote… was like being rimmed by a gopher determined to burrow. And that was way hotter than it sounded.


Also, it's just a me-thing, but I didn't like how Marshall was dealt with. It felt a bit cheesy.

Awesome story, and if you read this one first it's a great set up for Roman & Matt in book 2!

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