Review: How the Marquess Was Won by Julie Anne Long

Tuesday, June 20

My rating:
4.5 Stars…
Quote…At the moment he could think of no finer accomplishment, nothing else he aspired to. I did that. I made her this happy.


What I loved:

This is my first novel by Ms Long, and I loved a billion things about it. But I'll be brief, because I'm trying to simplify.

Phoebe with all her depth, intelligence, kindness, and her duality. She's a normal person - she appreciates the good, but still has her bitch side intact. She was definitely no angel, and that's what made her such an accessible, wonderful heroine.

Jules. Gorgeous, invincible, responsible, clueless Jules. I really enjoyed watching his character grow and fall in love, even though he had no idea how to cope with the love bit.

The storyline in general. It was entertaining, had great tempo, kept me enthralled, and also left me guessing because of how the first chapter kicked off. I kept thinking aha! This is when it happens! And then it didn't and so dummy me was stumped for another little while.

Ms Long writes pretty. I love how she writes.
Quote…She thought of the marquess scooping a moth out of the air and releasing it again, only to watch it head straight for the lamp again.
Helpless not to risk it's whole existence for light and warmth.


I also liked that our couple was together in every chapter of the book, so no wasted time.
What I didn’t love:
Lisbeth was an asshole. And you knew she was going to be an asshole, so it bugged me that it took Phoebe so long to figure it out.

The trendsetting. It just all felt a bit... easy? Unbelievable? It was annoying, anyway.
Loved it like a chocolate fish with hot chocolate. It was so easy to read, so enjoyable, so hot.


Aaaaand this review was just as long as the rest.
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