Review: The Friend Zone (Game On #2) by Kristen Callihan

Sunday, June 4

My rating:
5 Stars…
Quote…Because friends do not maul other friends' mouths.
What I loved:

I originally thought I was going to rate this a 4, and then when I was going through and looking at all my highlights I realised how much I loved this book. Gray is a phenomenal hero ♥

More Gray. He's such a good man. I love me some anti-hero, but this guy is crazy good. Everything about him deserves to be loved. He's chivalrous, and brave, and openhearted, and he treasures Ivy. That was actually why I almost rated this a 4, but more on that later. For now, though, just know that Gray is tremendous. And also a genius.
Quote…I'm glad I'm strong, that my body can be used for more than sex or football. That it can be used in service of her, to protect.
Also, he's a man mountain. He's 6'6 and 250 lbs of deliciousness, and I love me some sexy giant.


The writing is so good. I think this is my first read by Ms Callihan, and I was so excited with how she built Ivy and Gray's relationship. It's not just the sexual chemistry - but, ok, she builds it to the point that when Ivy is climbing into bed in a whole other city you can literally feel how Gray reacts. That's some skill. But on top of that, she painted a vivid and bright picture of their friendship, their loyalty to each other, and the way they took care of each other most of the time.
Quote…We're together, as in I wake up every morning and think, 'Thank fuck, Ivy wants me. How can I persuade her to keep me forever?'"


Ok, here's what I thought was cool about Ivy. She's unique. She's 6 feet tall, curvy, can't dance for shit, has daddy issues (not the kinky kind - the normal kind), and she's very smart. She's also witty and extremely hard working, and sort of gets pushed to the side a fair bit.
Quote…But I grin hard enough to make my cheeks ache when I see it's Gray.
"What up, Killer G?"
His deep voice is a caress against my ear. "Mac, that was literally painful to hear."
And then everything about Ivy getting picked up at the airport. I love Gray so hard.

What I didn’t love:

Ok, here's what's not cool about Ivy. I felt like she pushed so many of her issues on Gray. He never did anything to hurt her. Ever. He said one dumb thing, but she said a hundred, and he never turned on her for it. Ivy punished him repeatedly for things that were beyond his control - or happened way before they met. The reason I almost rated this a 4 was because she didn't deserve him.

Thing number 2 that I didn't like about this story: 
Unplanned, surprise pregnancy? Really??

Quote…Every inch, Ivy."
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