Review: Fast Connection (Cyberlove #2) by Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell

Monday, June 26

My rating:
4.5 Stars…
Quote…Luke: I have a thing to tell you.
Dominic: If you break up with me, I'll shank you.

What I loved:

The banter between Luke & Dominic. They're so funny, and un-cheesy, and sexy. Just, yum - and I love their txt convos.
Quote…Luke: Maybe we should all do something then. So she can get to know me.
Dominic: ...
Dominic: Who are you??
Luke: lol. I don't know. You did this to me, you asshole.
These authors are an awesome pair! I loved how this story focused on real, flawed, awesome characters, and how ME and SH took the time to help us fall in love with our heroes. Like, ok, in the beginning I thought Luke was such a twat. When he threw Dominic out of his house? Boy. I wanted to beat his ass so hard. But, thanks to some stellar writing and lots of glorious redemption (which I loves) I was just as obsessed with Luke as I was with our Nicky.

Special mention for how amazing and genuine Nicky was. Love him ♥ 

Also, everything about the military vet coming home and struggling to acclimate. Everything about the smut because holy-raunch-factor-five-billion-batman that shit was hot.

And one of my favourite things: Family loyalty. This story isn't based on ridiculous, manufactured drama that didn't fit. This was all about family, loyalty, honesty, sincerity, and everyday people trying to make their way in the world. I mean, yeah, Nicky's dad could have been less of a cunt, but he was stressed. And I liked that Nicky defended him. And Luke lashing out out of misplaced anger with his kids. It was all real. I loved it all!
Quote…I clenched my fists, but it did no good. He was still slipping through my fingers. Quote…
What I didn’t love:

Yeah, so early on - Luke was an asshole. I kept telling my book oooooh, you better make that cunt grovel! He was so rude and obnoxious and cold and blah. But he gets way better! Then he gets worse again. Then he's the best!

Nicky feeling so down on himself made me sad. And I know this is book #2, and Garrett's story is first, but I'm really pissed off that Garrett is ignoring him when Nicky clearly is looking for support! Except Garrett gave him Grindr tips, so it's not all bad.
Quote…You look like Chris Evans, so they'll respond with thirst. Quote…

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