Review: Defy (Sinners of Saint #0.5) by L.J. Shen

Tuesday, June 6
My rating:
2.5 Stars…


The sex was hot, Jaime was hot, but overall I just didn't believe the whole setup, so I couldn't really get into the story.

What I loved:

Melody was pretty funny at times. A broken ballerina character, I was really happy that she wasn't more bitter and twisted.

Jaime was hot. I may have mentioned that. He was a smoking hot alpha asshole type, with the gift of the gab, and a loyal, loving heart underneath it all. Even though I didn't find it believable, he was written well.

The hotness was good.
Quote…You just keep holding on to those toes, ballerina. I'll take care of the rest. Quote…

What I didn’t love:

What kind of spineless adults are these? I know a lot of teachers, and none of them are the kind of weak ass bitches I see in this book. The things these kids - and they are kids - get away with is ridiculous. 18 year olds don't run shit, especially not schools and whole towns. I feel like - had these characters been set anywhere else but in a high school - I would have rated this book a 4 or 5 star. But it was just so lame that everyone was kowtow-ing to a bunch of children.

The flipside of this complaint is that these children come across like they're 30.


And then: these rich, entitled children call themselves the HotHoles.


I'd like to try more by LJ Shen, because I liked her writing style and wit. But yeah, this story was a little too Cruel Intentions meets Dawsons Creek for me, and those things are not my things.

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