Review: Your Wicked Heart (Rules for The Reckless #0.5) by Meredith Duran

Monday, May 1

My rating:
5 Stars…
Quote…Certainly he could not do it, though as he stared at her, he felt the truth of it: I am lonely, too.

Amanda Thomas is stranded a thousand miles from home. Jilted by a viscount and abandoned without a penny, she'll do whatever it takes to secure a berth on an England-bound ship. But when the anchor lifts, she's not the only impostor on board—for the stranger in her bed claims to be the real viscount. Can she trust this devastatingly attractive scoundrel? Or is his offer of friendship only a pretext for seduction...and revenge?


What I loved:
Quote…You will be safe, protected," he said urgently. "I promise you. All of my days, I will keep you safe."

Ripton is amazing. I am not the swoon-y type, but I'd totally swoon for him. He was so honourable, and loyal to his family, and so willing to clean up everyone elses mess, and he wanted to look after Amanda, which was so sweet. And yet he had that mean streak that I just can't help but love in my heroes.

Amanda was great. Just courageous enough to keep the story ticking along nicely, but not ballsy or in-your-face. And she was such a perv, she had me laughing out loud.
Quote…She took avid advantage of his blindness, staring intently at his chest again and then at his mouth, where a single bead of water now clung just atop his sculpted upper lip.
The poetry of Ms Duran's writing. She painted such a beautiful story, and it gave me butterflies! I only discovered Meredith Duran this week, but I'm soaking up her writing like a soaking-things-up thing.
Quote…She was the very essence of English beauty; home as the weary traveller imagined it - but never as he actually found it.
What I didn’t love:

It's so short! I clearly ignored the word novella in the synopsis, but still. Why are all the best books always over so soon?

Quote…He came toward her. "Amanda," he said. "You idiot."
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