Review: Wolfsong (Wolfsong #1) by T.J. Klune

Wednesday, May 31

My rating:
4 Stars….75
Quote…And I've been waiting," Joe said. "For him to look at me like I looked at him. And he finally did. He finally did. And I'm going to do everything I can to make sure it stays like that. Because I want him for always."

What I loved:

So. This one hurt my heart. I'm putting that down as something I loved because it was meant to hurt my heart. Ox had it so rough early on in the story, that I got to this point:
Quote…People won't understand you," he said.
"They won't get you."
"I don't need them to." I wanted them to, very much, but I could see why they wouldn't.
And thought Ummmm. Should I maybe stop before my heart falls out of my ass? So Mr Klune does an amazing job of pulling on the ole heartstrings and making you fall in love with Ox from the start. It's that protective kind of love, more than the I want to lick you like a lollipop, I'm crushing so hard kind.
Quote…I'm not much. I don't have a lot. Sometimes I feel dumb and I say stupid things. My dad left, and I make mistakes all the time. I didn't go to college, and I come home with grease under my fingernails and on my pants. I don't have many friends..."


The slow burn, friends to lovers story is always a good'un for me. When we first meet Joe he's only a little guy, and we watch he and Ox and their friends growing, and bonding, and developing as characters in a really well thought out way.

The writing style. The story is told by Ox, and Ox has a really simple way of looking at the world, so we get to share in that. I don't know if I could read in this voice all the time, but it was perfectly suited to this story, and to Ox, so I enjoyed it. It was easy, it had a good speed, and it was quirky.

Ox's friends. The Bennett's, Chris, Tanner, Rico, Jessie - I loved their loyalty, the humour they bought to the story, the depth, the way Mr Klune made me care what happened to all of them, and the way he made all of them care for Ox.
Quote…I know karate," Chris said. "I took it for three months when I was 10."
"I have a hammer," Rico said.
"Jesus Christ," I muttered. But I thought they were ours.
The wolf stuff. I loved the way they communicated, how they shifted, how they carried themselves, all of it. This was my first ever werewolf story - if you don't count Twilight, and I don't - and I loved how I was drawn into that world.


What I didn’t love:
The lying and keeping secrets from loved ones, about midway and again near the end. It never ends well, and I don't like it in anything I read because it turns me against characters and I really didn't want to be turned against this particular character. 

Apart from that, this would have been a 5 star read for me, instead of an almost 5.

Quote…i'm coming
please don't leave
please wait for me
please love me
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