Review: Swear on This Life by Renee Carlino

Monday, May 15

My rating:
4 Stars…
Quote…I want to hold you," he said quickly. "But I can't because I'm too late."

What I loved:

The story within a story (and at one point there's an extra within a story thrown in) idea. Very cool, Ms Carlino.

All the way through, this story 110% had my attention. I ate my dinner one handed, with a spoon, and pretty much checked out of my real life for the hours it took me to read this. I was all in from the first chapter of Jase's book.

The past. That story alone would have had me buying this book. Jase & Emi were such a sweet, loyal, beautiful young pair. I wanted a million good things for them.
Quote…I had known he'd only had a few dollars. I had known it was the end. But I had followed his lead anyway.
The end of Jase's story. What? I did not know I would cry so ugly over that ending. Like, I'm a snot rag right now.


What I didn’t love:

Cheating is lame. I don't like that in my romance reads.


So how fortuitous that things worked out the way they did, right?

The big reunion between Emi & Jase. What an anti-climax! 12 years and that's the most chemistry they can muster? I was furiously tearing through the pages to get to this point, and then it was like wait, what? That's IT?? I just expected... something. I don't know. Something bigger.
Quote…Next time you're in San Diego, give me a call?"


All The Roads Between was a 5 star read for me. The outer book, not so much. I'm so torn.

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