Review: Frog by Mary Calmes

Tuesday, May 23

My rating:
4 Stars…& a 1/2 ♥
Quote…Thank you."
"For what?"
"Wantin' me instead of the guy who's better for you."

What I loved:

Frog is ultra-fluffy. Like, bless my little cotton socks fluffy. I think that's something you need to be in the mood for, but if you are feeling a little traumatized and violated by your last book - this is your jam.

So. Fluffiness factor set to mad high because this gorgeous little story has:

A vulnerable, over 40's hero with a glorious heart, a compassionate, gentle nature, who is down on his luck. I loved Weber's understanding in all people-related situations - he was laid back, accepting, and totally the mountain Micah thought he was.

An ultra successful, closed off hero who, even to his own family comes across as aloof, standoffish, cold and distant, but who blossoms into a gorgeous, happy, playful lover who wears his heart on his sleeve, when Weber is with him.

Quote…Web," he growled low, hands on my hips. "Please let me have you. I will take such good care of you."
Gorgeous little kids who desperately need some love in their lives.

Fantastic, supportive, no-drama family support.

Welcoming, encouraging peripheral characters.

Awesome sex. I should have put that up the top, because it really does belong in the top 2 reasons I love this book.

And I was so, so thankful that in this story, everybody finds a place for themselves. Everybody fits, and everybody is important and that was exactly what I needed.

What I didn’t love:

It's so short! I didn't take any bit of a point off for it, because I kind of felt like it ended right when it should, and had tons of good shit in there so I didn't feel anything was missing, or that anything could be added.

Having said that, there was a point where I felt like I'd come into the story half way through, and most of the bonding had already happened. It would have been good to maybe see Weber leave once? Like, even just one chapter of their past. We do get the chapter where they met, which was hot.


The writing was excellent, the pace was smooth and engaging, and the story itself was the shit. Loved it like a fresh-outta-the-oven brownie with ice cream, whipped cream, and hot fudge sauce, a big glass of pinot, fat pants and a roaring fire.


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