Review: Devil in Spring (The Ravenels #3) by Lisa Kleypas

Wednesday, May 10

My rating:
4 Stars…and a 1/2
Quote…For the rest of his life, he would feel a stab of dread every time she walked out the door, leaving him there with his heart wide open.

What I loved:

First off, I loved seeing Sebastian & Evie again. Clearly, when I get attached to a fictional couple, I attach like a paua, but that's ok. Seeing these 2 20-something years on was charming and heartwarming and the perfect start to this story.

Pandora. Peculiar little Pandora, with all her quirks and faults, was a glorious thing. I loved that she was compassionate and kind and openly loving, whilst still maintaining her fierce independence and drive. I'm always harder on the heroine, but I think in this case she was my favourite part of the whole story. Even when confronted with bad situations, she is willing to put herself in the other person's shoes and consider their feelings. That was such a great thing to see in a character.
Quote…I'll admit to being peculiar. But he seems to like that."
Gabriel. He was a strange one for me - I like my hero damaged and kind of cruel, so he has to do some massive grovelling at some point in the story. Don't judge me! But Gabriel was Sebastian and Evie's son, so of course he has had a blessed life, and I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about him. Turns out I feel all the good ways about him. He is confident, charming, warm, possessive, protective, and the story about the foxes just summed up his character. I loved him an unhealthy amount.

So of course, the two of them together were near perfect for me.
Quote…You'll be living in an unfamiliar house, with an unfamiliar man - who'll be doing very unfamiliar things to your body."
"Where will you be?" Pandora asked, and barely restrained a yelp as he nipped at her earlobe.
- Gabriel & Pandora
Dragon was awesome. I love me some surly, one-word-answer type guys. The fact that he was also heroic and brave and stubborn was icing on the cake.
Quote…She's hard of hearing in her right ear, and it sometimes causes vertigo, especially in poor lighting when she can't orient herself (...) Now, do you have any questions?"
"Yes. Am I supposed to be a footman or a bloody nanny?"
-Gabriel & Dragon
The Author's Note! I always read those, just because I like the insight you often get into the author's motivations for a story. This one was awesome! I learned so much. And also made Blancmange, which, as it turns out, is disgusting.

What I didn’t love:

I didn't quite follow the drama in the plot. Like, I didn't understand who the baddies were or what they were after very well. The whole mystery of the story was lost on me, so the parts that involved that dragged a little bit and held me up.


A wonderful, heartwarming, quirky story told with classic Lisa Kleypas flair and skill. Strong characters, an emotional ride, and excellent smut-tasticness.


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