Review: Breaking Him (Love is War #1) by R.K. Lilley

Monday, May 8

My rating:
3 Stars… on principle.


I hate this multiple book set up for one couple, where you've got part of the story, and a cliffhanger ending, and you're running around in the story all blind because what the hell are they even talking about right now? What did Tiffany do, anyway? What's the mother's deal? Drives me batshit.

So if Breaking Him & Breaking Her were viewed as one book, I'd give it a Hells yeah, 5 stars, baby! But I refuse to do that when I had to buy 2 books to know 1 story.

And moving on to the not-whiny portion of the evening...

What I loved:
Quote…This was the part I dreaded the most. When our eyes clashed, and everything, every horrible, wonderful, painful, ugly, beautiful, torturous, ruinous, gory bit of us came back to me.
The tension and chemistry between Dante & Scarlett was palpable. You could cut it with a chainsaw. Ms Lilley does a phenomenal job of building these characters up, drawing me into their pain and angst and suffering, and making me want to live in their black and twisted hearts. From the opening line I was hooked.

I love me some friends to lovers romance. This was that, but in a horribly toxic and damaged way, so I was both thrilled and horrified at what was being done to the trope I love. Ultimately, I was thrilled because it was handled so well, and I couldn't turn on either character because they were both limping by with their broken souls as best they could.

Scarlett was a strange one for me. She was vain, shallow, materialistic, cruel, over-the-top-bitchy and the way she used sex was unforgiveable. I called her every name under the sun while I watched the things she was doing, but I never hated her. Knowing her childhood, and her devotion to and obsession with Dante, I just wanted her to be happy.
Quote…I squeezed his hand really hard, looked down at my feet, and said, "I love you," for the very first time in my life.
He squeezed my hand back. "Love you, too." His voice was quiet, but he hadn't hesitated.
I swear I didn't stop smiling for three entire days.
- Young Scarlett
Dante - ok, if it was real life, you would encourage this guy to seek help. They're both jealous and insecure, territorial, possessive, and violent. But he was also sweet, and deep, and so sensitive when it came to Scarlett. Like his heart was just this big, wobbly, messy thing for her to poke and prod at with her claws. It was painful to read, really, but I loved him anyway.

Until the end. When he did that thing. Then, man, fuck that guy.

What I didn’t love:

All the things I whined about at the start. If it wasn't for that, I would recommend this book for anyone wanting an angsty, drama ridden, heartbreaking read. If that's your thing, this'll do ya.



Most of the characters in this story are manipulative, mean, spiteful, cruel, and broken, and Dante & Scarlett have a terrible kind of toxic love. That was exactly the type of story I was going for, so it was part one of one hell of a ride.


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