Review: Lazarus (The Henchmen MC #7) by Jessica Gadziala

Friday, April 21

My rating:
5 Stars…

I am one happy lady right now.


The war was over.
The dust had settled.
The numbers were increasing.
Everything had finally started to calm down.
Until one night on a walk, I came across her…


What I loved:

Oh my God, where to start? So, I love me some Henchmen. If I could read all of them, all of the time, that would be a super sweet deal for me. My point is: I was probably always going to love another Henchmen MC story.


I did not think I was going to love the junkie storyline. Drug addiction isn't a theme I really get into, and based on other recovering addict plots I've read, I was actually a little nervous going into this.


But fear not, bookfriends! Despite doubling down on the drug addicts, this was a fantastic story. Lazarus, our newest piece of hotness, is far enough into his recovery to not have me constantly on edge, and Bethany is a total sweetheart that just got caught up with assholes. Like, holy crap, these guys that suck her into the pill-popping are the worst.

Anywho, so all is good on the what if I don't like it? What if my love affair with The Henchmen is over?? front. Oh me of little faith, of course Ms Gadziala was going to deliver ♥♥


Highest of fives to Ms Gadziala for working all of my faves in there. Always going to love a little cameo from the OG Henchmen and their wives, and their little sproglets.


Bethany is a funny girl. She's a naive sweetheart, and a good girl deep down, and she had me cracking up the whole time I was sitting in her head.

Quote…Are you... nervous?" I asked, not sure what would make anyone want to get into a fight on purpose. I once went at it with the boy who lived next door when I was seven and I was pretty sure I still wasn't over it.


Lazarus is hot shit. We didn't meet him very long ago, so I wasn't sure about how we'd bond, but the bondage is strong! We're tight. I love him. I love how Ms Gadziala led us through his backstory, let us take time to get to know him as a person, and showed us his character. One of my favourite things about a Gadziala story is how character driven they are - no matter what's going on in the book, the characters are first. They are important, and we get given the time to fall in love with them. It's awesome.

Plus y'know, he's a sexy muhfucka.


And ok - Pagan. I need to know many more things about this guy! All the things, Ms Gadziala, tell me all the things about Pagan! Is he getting a story? Oh, I'm dizzy from the potential of so many awesome stories to come.

What I didn’t love:
Quote…His eyes went all melty at that.
Ok, I laughed so hard when I pictured this:


And then I realised I didn't want to be picturing my beautiful Laz like that. So there ya go. That's my negative. How anal could I be?


♥♥Still my favourite series of all time ♥♥

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