Review: Damnable Grace (Hades Hangmen #5) by Tillie Cole

Friday, April 28

My rating:
3 Stars… all for the Psycho Trio ♥


AK of my beloved Psycho Trio gets his time in the limelight in this one. The Hades Hangmen rescue Phebe (Delilah's sister) from the Aryan Brotherhood, and AK takes responsibility for getting her clean and healthy. A whole lot of darkness and drama unfolds.

What I loved:

AK had an amazing backstory. I loved getting to know him, and every page of this book that he featured on was like crack to my warped and twisted heart. Loved him!

Any book that mentions Flame, Viking and AK has my heart. These 3 are probably my favourite friends in any series I've ever read in my life. I love their loyalty to each other. For me, they carried this story, and made me want a HEA for Viking and to read Flame's story all over again.

Zane, Dev and Tina. As sad as their story was, I loved it, and I love the way Tillie Cole played it all out for us. Heartbreaking, beautiful, and just overall kick-me-in-the-balls painful.

The vengeance. Oh, the delicious, violent, bloodthirsty vengeance was strong in this one. Loved everything about Flame getting unleashed on the skinheads, AK ripping the insurgents apart, and just the general underlying evil that is this beautiful group of men.


Flame. Not to harp on, but he's my favourite. I love him so hard it would be psychotic if he was real. The chapters written from his POV were amazing. And the part where Maddie draws the picture of them? Oh my God, I want that story. I would buy that story a bazillion times over.


What I didn’t love:
Phebe. I disliked her so much that if the rest of the characters I love were not mentioned in this story, I would have DNF'd. I didn't like anything about her. On top of everything else I don't like about her...
 AK saves her life twice, detoxes her twice, and she thanks him first by stealing his booze and trying to fuck his friends, then by running away and getting Grace kidnapped, then by OD'ing while he's trying to save Saphira.
Man, fuck that guy.

The other thing I didn't like was the graphic description of rape, paedophilia and child abuse. This book, I felt, was more graphic about that stuff than any of the others had been, and it was too much for me. I tapped out so many times I wasn't sure if I'd actually finish the book.


1 star each out of loyalty to the Psycho Trio but I didn't like the story outside of them. If you're good with this level of darkness though, Ms Cole is an excellent writer.
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