Review: Touch of Trouble (Touch #4) by Cara Dee

Tuesday, February 7

My rating:
2 Stars…

Kind of an unnecessary follow up.



Kayla & Nicholas from Look But Don't Touch take a holiday, then go see her family, then talk about redesigning his clubs. Also they have some sex. I gained no insight into anything.

What I loved:

I can't say I loved anything, really. I liked seeing Mr Cooper with his 2 subbies, but they have their own books so, again - not a lot to be gained by reading this one.

What I didn’t love:

I didn't dislike anything, but this is just such an unnecessary buy. I feel like Nicholas and Kayla hit their absolute peak in Look But Don't Touch (which, FYI, is my favourite erotic novella) and we don't need to know anything else about them.Being a collection of novellas, there isn't enough character development to have me interested in anything they do, unless it's dirty.

Also, there is more focus on Kayla here, and let's face facts - baby girl hasn't got a lot going on in her head. She's a bit of a rainbow-poop-for-brains.

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