Review: Collide (Blackcreek #1) by Riley Hart

Thursday, February 2
My rating:
4 Stars…



At ten years old, Noah Jameson and Cooper Bradshaw collided mid-air when they dove for the same football. For three years, they were inseparable…until one day when Noah and his parents disappeared in the middle of the night.

Noah and Cooper never knew what happened to each other. Now, seventeen years later, after finding his boyfriend in bed with another man, Noah returns to Blackcreek looking for a fresh start. And damned if he doesn't find his old friend grew up to be sexy as sin. Coop can’t believe Noah—the only person he trusted with the guilt over his parents’ death—is back. And gay… Or that Cooper himself suddenly wants another man in his bed for the first time.

There’s no denying the attraction and emotion between them, but can they overcome the ghosts of their pasts to have a future together?

This title contains two strong, sexy men, and a passionate friendship that transforms into a sizzling hot romance.


What I loved:

I'm all about character driven stories, and this one was all about the characters. Normal, flawed, awesome people with loyalty and big, juicy hearts. Noah & Cooper were amazing.

A good friends to lovers story totally floats my boat, so I was all in for this one. The way Riley Hart gives depth to their relationship, and shows us all the different facets of Noah & Coopers relationship was just so, so cool for me.

Ok. Srsly u guyzz. How is man sex so hot?? I don't have any of the bits that are having all the things done to them in this story, and I still loved it!

Quote…"Tell me you're awake, Noah. Tell me I can touch you."


No immature dramas, no random bullshit, no where-the-hell-did-that-come-from??? plot devices. Just mature, caring, sweet, sexy, pushy, demanding, cocky, hot-as-all-bejesus characters that I just wanted to gobble up.

Also - the bit where Wes and Noah are in the bar. Loved that bar scene.

Quote…Coop didn't know if he wanted to celebrate, or cry, or destroy the whole fucking world.

♥ Braden. He plays a small part, but I loved it. Love his confidence, his attitude. Yum. ♥

Great banter in this one, and I loved that we got to listen in on them being normal. It wasn't all love and sex... though, I think I've established that I loved the shit outta those bits.

Quote…"... What kind of Coloradoan doesn't like to ski?"
"The kind you're fucking," Noah tossed back at him.

And then - how strong is Noah??

Quote…"I'm not here to play fucking games, man. I don't do the back and forth shit. We're in or we're out."


What I didn’t love:

I'm new to M/M romances (as in: never knew they existed until Friday last week. What can I say, I am an idiot.) So anyway, maybe all my bookfriends won't have this problem, but I had a hard time keeping track of who said what, or who was doing what. Examples, you say?

Quote…Thinking about the army made him think of David; somewhere he definitely didn't want his thoughts going. He'd become his dad.

So. When I read that I was like the fuck? Did Noah become David's dad? Is this his kid? Or is this a not so literal - Noah started to feel like David's dad because David was immature? Or had David become like a father to Noah? Or an actual father to Noah? Essentially: who the fuck is this David person, and whos father is he???

Turns out, Noah meant that he had turned into his own father. That is cleared up soon after, but at the time I was so stuck on that line. Maybe if I read a lot more M/M I'll figure this out. That is a sacrifice I am willing to make, because education innit?


It took me a minute to get into the story, but once I was in it was all over for pretty much everything else in my life that day. Loved it! And now I'm starting Braden's book!!

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