Downloadable Goodness: February Desktop Background

Wednesday, February 1

What happened to January? I swear, I woke up on New Years Day (feeling less than ideal, but I choose to forget that happened), went back to sleep, woke up for my dad's birthday on the 21st, back to bed again, and woke up to February. What the hell, earth??

Despite all the paranormal reading I've been doing lately, I have apparently developed zero time-freezing skills. 

Ok, if I did have those skills, how cool would it be to go back and CTRL + DEL some stuff I did? What would you undo? Wouldn't you want to have pause, rewind and fast forward skills, though?

 Or we could play it cool and pretend we've never done anything awkward or embarassing. I'd totally do that, but that would mean going back and editing most of what I've written throughout my whole book blogging journey thus far. 

Yes, that's right. Thus far.

So - to celebrate a new and exciting month, here are some wallpapers for your tablet, laptop, PC and phone. Enjoy, and I hope you have a beautiful February!

Desktop download
(1920 x 1200)

Tablet download
(1280 x 800)

Phone download
(640 x 1136)

Just click on the pic, and download the full sized image to your device :)
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