Review: Renny (The Henchmen MC #6) by Jessica Gadziala

Sunday, January 8
My rating:
5 Stars…

Just yes. Oh my God, YES to everything about this story.



1 war.
2 people trying to find love among the wreckage.
5 big surprises.
The fate of an entire beloved organization in the balance.
= one big, sexy, bloody, hell of a ride.


What I loved:

I always enjoy the way Ms Gadziala builds her characters' relationships. I love that she takes the time to show us how they fall in love, and doesn't just cram it down our throats like and she was the most amazing, gorgeous, intelligent woman in the world and that's all you need to know, and who gives a shit if I literally just met her yesterday. You can feel and see and watch how these characters could have the spectacular chemistry she gives them.
Quote…I couldn't expect her to spill if I didn't give her something, too. "Quid pro quo, Agent Starling..."
"So in this little scenario, you're a face-eating cannibal?" she asked, brow raised.
"Play along, you pain in the ass."

I also loved how we got to finally. Finally! get an insight into Renny's past. I've wanted that since we first met him and it was so worth the wait. It wasn't built up like some Holy Grail that would unlock all of life's mysteries - he shared it in a very open, generous, trusting way and I thought that was so sweet. Even though he also does some pretty asshole stuff. Of course, because male. Like, literally, when Mina thinks this line, I was so totally on board with her.
Quote…The mother fucker.

Also, ok. The most special shout out to Ms Gadziala for the Wolf & Janie side story.


Also (seriously, you might think this review is long enough already, but I'm not done.) Whilst I have been frothing at the mouth for this story since forever ago, I have also been dreading it because Renny is the last member of The Henchmen MC. Like, literally, there are no other members left after him, unless you're going to give us a divorce first and I am so-ho-ho-ho not down with that. So imagine my exuberant and somewhat unreasonably high level of ecstatic-ness when I realise:

Spoiler Alert >>> 

Ms Gadziala could potentially give us another 4 stories in this series!! Getting ahead of myself, you say? Sure. Possibly. But the potential is there, and I choose to focus on that. Because now we have Lazarus, Edison, Cyrus and Reeves! That's right! 4 new mystery men, and provided none of them turn out to be rats (oh my God, would that not be soul-destroying??) this could be a game changer for my beloved Henchmen MC series. 

 <<< Spoiler Alert

What I didn’t love:

Oh. You are out of your everloving mind if you think there is anything I could fault about this story. I was actually really pleased that there was no horrible, violent climax, especially after all that the MC lost in Duke's story. I feel like the club needed resolution and peace, and they got that in a lot of ways through Renny's story. I mean... it wasn't flowers and hearts, but it wasn't slaughter and mayhem either - it was perfect. Loved it like my first born ♥ ♥

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