Review: Into the Deep (Into the Deep #1) by Samantha Young

Saturday, January 7

My rating:
3 Stars…

Excited by the synopsis, but it wasn't for me.


What I loved:

- Samantha Young writes beautifully. I love the way she phrases things, the story she paints with her words, and the growth of her characters.
He watched me the entire time. He watched me like he wanted to watch me forever. I knew this because I was looking back at him thinking the exact same thing.

- I can appreciate that YA and NA fans would be all up in this. If I was a few 15 years younger, I'd love a lot more about this story. As it is, being a YA/NA novel wasn't a deal breaker for me.
- The Scottish setting was really well done. Great choice, SY!!

What I didn’t love:

- I can't stand love triangles... I always end up cheering for the character that you know is going to get the bad kind of shafted. I can't help it.
- The angst these kids go through! I was horrified through most of it.
- The ending. What?? I thought Kobo was having a meltdown, and had left a chapter out. Further to that, I really don't like when a whooooole series of books follows one couple. As in, I heartily hate that. I just don't care that much (with the exception of Nine Minutes, but even that made me scream at my book.) Put the couple's story in one book for me, let me read that one book about them, and then let them make little cameos in the series' universe.
- Dishonesty, misunderstandings, blame... it's all here.


It was ok. The way SY writes made me read this a lot more intently than I would have otherwise, but the story just didn't grab me. I'm keen to read more from this author though.
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