Review: A Husband's Regret (Unwanted #2) by Natasha Anders

Monday, January 9

My rating:
4 Stars… 


What I loved:
As with The Unwanted Wife, A Husband's Regret is a second-chance story about a failed marriage, and the mistakes both spouses made to get there. The grovelling that Bryce has to do in this story to redeem himself in Bronwyn's eyes is spectacular - I loved how hard he worked to try and win her over.

Natasha Anders does a fantastic job of portraying a real child - she doesn't fit in with the parents' plans, she throws tantrums, she sulks... she could be any 2 year old I've ever met! I loved the realism.

The story is set in South Africa, which I really enjoyed. I found myself googling the places they talked about, because I couldn't picture them. NA does a fantastic service to the South African Tourism Board! Knysna is now definitely on my To-See list!

Bryce Palmer. I've never read a romance with a deaf hero and I just loved how NA painted him. He had depth, he was broken, he was cruel, but he was also loving, and strong, and brave, and hurting and I just. Gah! I just loved everything about his character.

What I didn’t love:

In the last 25% of the book, there were a few pages I skipped... I just couldn't get in to how long winded some of the scenes were. I know how children are, so I didn't need a walk through of their daughters nightly routine.

The number of times this couple have sex early on, when they genuinely dislike each other. I just felt like Bronwyn was letting herself be a doormat.


A beautiful story of marital redemption, and I don't think I'll ever forget Bryce Palmer's character.

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