Review: Change of Heart (Fostering Love #2) by Nicole Jacquelyn

Tuesday, January 17

My rating:
2 Stars… and a bit.

Well written, fairly obvious plot, and I wasn't feeling Anita & Bram as a couple. Like, at all.


They've spent their lives pushing each other away, but what will happen when they need each other most?

Anita Martin doesn't expect much from life. Growing up on the street, bouncing from one foster home to another, she learned to rely only on herself. Even after she finally found a loving family to take her in, she was still an outsider-something Abraham, one of the family's older sons, never let her forget.

Abraham Evans doesn't know how Ani always manages to get under his skin, only that's she's been doing it since they were teens. She is-and always has been-undeniably gorgeous. But he's never met anyone as pissed off at the world as Ani.

For fifteen years, Ani and Bram have agreed on exactly one thing: they can't stand each other-until one night when their anger gives way to passion. Yet even as Ani and Bram begin to secretly seek comfort in one another's arms, they remain emotionally worlds apart. When Ani's life takes a dramatic turn and she realizes she needs more than Bram can give, their fragile, no-strings relationship unravels. One way or another, Ani is determined to survive. But when Bram finally admits his true feelings, he may discover Ani has moved on without him...


What I loved:

I sort of enjoyed the foster family dynamic, and loved the loud, brash family dinners.

Bram was the best kind of bastard. Pure, delicious, evil goodness.

Finding out why Bram didn't like to be bitten. My poor, beautiful, broken Abraham.


What I didn’t love:

The heroine was a dickhead. I love me some angsty, snarky female lead in a romance, but this one is just an asshole. Constantly. Even when Bram is all up in that, she's bitching and sniping and generally just being a tool. I don't know how many times I told her to shut up in my head, or cheered when Bram was a dick to her. I couldn't stand her. I get that she had a difficult past, and bitchfacing was her defence mechanism, but gummon! Must I listen to that shit for 300 pages?

Also - life lesson #1 - when it comes to sexy times, you have a right to say if you don't want something. Bram doesn't want to be bitten. Fair play - if he doesn't like it, don't do it. But don't do this shit.

Quote…"Don't worry. I won't tell anyone about your weird little hang up with biting."


The major driving force in this plot was just too obvious.

Either Kate's going to give her a kid, or - surprise! - someone we've never heard of will rock up and offer her one. Because it's not a HEA without a wedding and a baby or 2, right? And everything the hero has believed for 30+ years suddenly won't matter anymore, because he's held this baby that doesn't belong to him in his arms for 5 minutes. And the skies will open up and the angels will sing.

Disney princess calls bullshit.

Life lesson #2 - sometimes, that lightning bolt moment doesn't come. Often, and this is ok, you gradually build a bond with the baby. Especially, when it's not even your baby. Everyone acted like Bram was the asshole, when he'd done nothing wrong. Dude just didn't want kids. That's not a dick move.

Life lesson #3 - You know what is a dick move? Anita comparing Bram to his cousin (or brother... I don't know, it got confusing) who was a deadbeat dad. So - #1: Bram wasn't anyone's dad. He hadn't knocked anyone up, accidentally or otherwise. #2: He was honest from the get go about not wanting kids. This was not news. #3: He was up front and honest on the very day Anita told him she was adopting a baby. He didn't drag it out, or play games. They broke up. End of.


Maybe I'm a dummy, but I'm having trouble following the foster families and right now, it's all looking a bit incestuous to me. Having said that, I've read step-sibling romances so I'm not being all blushing-bride about this. Just saying - I'm confused and shit.


Quote…"Why the fuck do I even like you?"
- Bram to Anita
I've been wondering the same thing for 300 pages, honey.
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