Review: Duke (The Henchmen MC #5) by Jessica Gadziala

Thursday, December 1
My rating:
5 Stars…

What I loved:

The relative peace we have known for years was gone in one violent act. Then, among the ever-present and increasingly bloody unknown threat, I met her.

But when passions ignite, complicating an already impossible situation, I am left to wonder if there is a way to overcome the dark and twisted secrets of my past that would allow me to have any kind of future with her.


I was just a normal girl. I swear. One moment, I was just living my usual boring life. The next, I found myself in the middle of some kind of underground war between an outlaw biker gang and some faceless enemy.

Trapped in a whole new world and in ever-increasing close proximity to the tall, strong, long blond-haired, deep blue-eyed biker named Duke, yeah, let’s just say things got even more interesting.

But Duke had secrets.
And when they came into the light, I realized they were the kind that I wasn’t sure I could live with…


What I loved:
- Well.
- Duke was everything I love about Ms Gadziala's heroes: OTT alpha-protective-caveman in a giant, tasty package. He was violent, he was agressive, he was blunt. He was loyal to his brothers. And goodGodDamn he loved his woman. Even when he tries to cook for her... I thought that was adorable.
Quote…"What are you doing over there?" I asked several minutes later, after all he seemed to do was shuffle items around.
To that, he half-turned to me, shaking his head with a somewhat boyish smile.
"Fuck if I know" he admitted with a grin.

Everything about him was just dirty delicious perfection.
- If you've read the rest of this series you'll know this is going to be dark. And it is. Not Hades Hangmen MC or Black Dagger Brotherhood extreme, but closer to that end than your typical biker romance. A filthy, happy medium that JG treads so beautifully.
- The awesomeness that was all my favourite Henchmen and their women and their children in one place.
- The storyline was excellent. So much action, suspense, tragedy, drama, and Penny was a great, resilient heroine who handled it all well. I really liked her.
- Ms Gadziala's writing (or editing... not sure which) is really developing. That was awesome.
Quote…He wanted more than to just sleep with me?
I wasn't quite sure if I was supposed to be delighted or absolutely terrified by that development.
So I went ahead and let myself be both.

What I didn’t love:
- First of all: Wolf. Really?
- I feel like this series isn't getting the recognition it deserves. Does that make sense? Like, I've read other books that have a crazy number of reviews and they're plastered all over my homepage even though they're nothing like what I read, and this one is way better. This is the series I would tell all my friends about. This is the series I push on everyone I know (like a JW with little pamphlets, but infinitely more annoying). Like, I don't know anything about marketing or advertising when it comes to books, but something is slipping through the cracks here. People need to know about Wolf & Repo & Reign & Cash & Duke.
Seriously, just saying all those names together makes me sigh.

Love this book, love this series, love these men. Hard.
So... I'm not a series reader. I read out of order, or pick the ones I want and ignore the rest, or just read the last. Story continuity can kiss my ass. And I didn't read this series in order either, but I think this is the only one that would leave you feeling a bit lost, because the things I loved about it: the reunion of all my favourite characters, the finally getting to see Duke get a HEA.. all those things have built slowly for me throughout the series.
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  1. :) I grinned so hard reading these reviews (which I came across on Pinterest of all places!). So glad you're enjoying my little stories, doll !

    As for marketing and advertising- I literally do none. Which is likely why you don't see me around much. It's my own damn fault ;)

    Renny is coming soon!!! Squee!! I am almost done writing :)

    1. I suspect this series is how some people feel about sports or celebrities - I'm obsessed! So imagine my little mini meltdown when you say Renny is coming soon!!!
      And YAY I'm glad my reviews made you smile - can't wait to see what you come up with next xx


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