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Thursday, December 1

It's official - Christmas has snuck up on me again.

I've always envied those super organised people who have all their Christmas shopping done by July, and have their Christmas lunch planned out by the end of November. One of my girlfriends actually has her shit together so hard, she has a guest list for Christmas Lunch confirmed by October 1st. I, on the other hand, am still catching up with July at that point.

At home, we do our Christmas shop two nights before - normally in a mad panic because the good stuff is all gone, and the shops are closing in 20 minutes. Christmas Day cocktails take priority over pretty much anything else until it's time to eat. The sun is blazing, the music is blasting, my parents house is a gaggle of family, and games, and chatter. 

But organised it is not, and I always promise that next year I'll do better. Next year, I won't be running around town like a mad thing, trying to get everything done. Next year, I'll have done the food shopping way before December 23rd. Next year, I'll be so organised I will even have backup presents in case a surprise niece or nephew turns up.

But instead of doing that, I've decided to procrastinate work hard at a beautiful December desktop, as my Christmas gift for you. Apologies to all my OCD friends who are getting anxious just reading about my lack of organisation and drive at this point. I swear it'll all work out just fine.

Desktop download (with calendar)

I hope you love them, and more importantly - I hope you have a beautiful Christmas season, filled with love, joy, and enough time to read everything you haven't gotten around to yet.

Here's to a safe, happy and healthy Christmas to you and yours!
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