Review: King (King #1) by T.M. Frazier

Saturday, November 19
My rating:

4 Stars…

What I loved:
Homeless. Hungry. Desperate.

Doe has no memories of who she is or where she comes from.

A notorious career criminal just released from prison, King is someone you don’t want to cross unless you’re prepared to pay him back in blood, sweat, pu$$y or a combination of all three.

King’s future hangs in the balance. Doe’s is written in her past. When they come crashing together, they will have to learn that sometimes in order to hold on, you have to first let go.

Warning: This book contains graphic violence, consensual and nonconsensual sex, drug use, abuse, and other taboo subjects and adult subject matter. Although originally slated to be a standalone, KING is now a two part series.


What I loved:
There was a lot to love here. The twists, the turns, the tension, the drama, the angst, the violence, the manipulation. The not-always-totally-consensual-like smut.
But there was also a lot of humour in there with the grit factor. I liked little things about our heroine early on.
Quote…"Where was he?"
Prison made much more sense than college.

She was trying to take care of herself, but she was obviously a sweet girl, deep down, before her memory was wiped, and parts of that kept creeping out and I really felt for her. I really loved the way she made promises to herself... or to the herself she was before she lost her memory.
Quote…I'll try harder, I promise. I can survive...for you.

♥♥And I loved everydamnthing about Preppy♥♥ Best character I've read in ages. He's the character I've loved most in 2016, and he's not even the hero. Even if you don't love the book... and there are some stupid parts, Preppy's letter is worth staying for.

What I didn’t love:
I'm not a fan of cliffhanger endings. This one is all about the cliffhanger, so I'm glad I'm reading it 2 years after it's release.

Head games. Like, King is a bit of a tool, and he does this thing in his office before he sleeps with Doe. Literally, right before he goes down to the dock and bangs her against the side of the house.

A dark, twisted, emotional journey, and even with the cliffhanger ending and a few reveals you can see coming from a mile away, I thought it was a pretty good read. Definitely going to read the next book at some point.

Quote…He whispered how much he loved being inside me. How much he wished he wasn't so much of an asshole. How I deserved the world. How he wasn't good enough for me.
And then it hit me like a fucking freight train with no brakes, and my heart seized in my chest.
King was saying goodbye.
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