Review: Emails from an Asshole by John Lindsay

Tuesday, November 8
My rating:
1 Stars…

When John Lindsay launched in June 2009, it became an instant sensation. With 60% of the book featuring entirely new material never before available on the website, Emails from an Asshole offers fans a fresh opportunity to revel in people's gullibility. Posing as a customer or seller, Lindsay responded to a variety of classified ads, making ridiculous offers to unsuspecting victims. Their responses, and the ensuing conversations, will have readers simultaneously laughing non-stop and gasping with disbelief.


What I loved:
- The title was the whole reason I bought this book, really. As someone who has spent the larger part of 10 years looking at companies' email chains, it appealed to me.
- A couple of the conversations were hilarious.
- My teenaged nephew thought this whole book was funny as shit.

What I didn’t love:
- This is just trolling. Like, you can read any comment thread on YouTube, a celeb twitter account, reddit, eBay... any forum, and see this kind of stuff. 99% of the time, it's not funny - it's just some angry dude sitting in his parents' basement being a dickhead. 'Real People Being Stupid' is totally misleading... 'One Guy Being a C$$t' would be more accurate.
- Ok, is it just me being oversensitive or is this book racist as fuck?

Pass. Didn't make it to 60%
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