Review: What Matters Most by Linda Winfree

Saturday, October 22
My rating:

4 Stars…


A man in the worst place he can be between two women and forced to choose which one lives or dies. Houston homicide detective, John OReilly, is torn between two women. One is the woman hes loved without hope for years. The other carries his unborn child. Now, a man bent on revenge wants OReilly to choose, and any choice he makes could cost him everything.Gutsy sheriffs deputy, Lanie Falconetti, is determined not to repeat her mothers mistakes in love. Her no-strings attached affair with John OReilly leads to an unexpected, but joyfully welcomed pregnancy. However, the shadow from Johns past threatens not only her chance at happiness, but her life and that of her unborn baby as well.


Originally I was hovering around 3 stars, but I've read it twice this month and I really enjoyed it the second time around.

What I loved:
- I love how John had to grovel after he messed everything up. The way he realised what he lost, and worked to get it back was excellent.
- Oh my God, he was the cutest dad!
Quote…The tall, blonde nurse smiled. "You can touch him, you know."
He nodded, making no move to do so. The fear was unbelievable. Before him was the smallest person he'd ever seen, and he was responsible for him, for his safety. The future stretched before him, fraught with unseen dangers John had never considered.

God, one day he'd have to hand this kid the keys to a car.


- And I loved how Ms Winfree painted John's relationship with his little one. I could practically feel this as she wrote it...
Quote…He brushed his mouth against the wispy hair on the tiny head.

- I really liked Beth. For all that she went through, she was a wonderful friend to John. Honest, brash, blunt, and doing everything she can to help him.

What I didn’t love:
- So, I think the synopsis is way off. The story is triggered by this stuff, but it isn't the story. I think it's kind of sad for the book, because the actual synopsis put me off a bit. I'm not a fan of love triangles or romantic suspense normally, and the synopsis made it look like it had both of those. Maybe a more accurate synopsis would have attracted readers? I don't know... I just feel like it could have been simpler. And right-er. How about:
Quote…When a shadow from the past descends upon John OReilly's life, his secrets are exposed and his life is thrown into chaos.
When the dust settles, his life is barely recognizable, but John is hell bent on making things right for the people he loves.
But what if the life he's dreaming of is now out of his reach?
And what if the woman he wants has finally decided he isn't worth it anymore?

- The other thing I didn't like was Lanie. The way she clung to her anger, the push and pull, the borderline psycho rage, the way she blames him for things he had no control over. I just felt like dude, give the guy a break. I don't think she ever thanks him for the good things he does.

Awesome hero, awesome writing, lots of grovelling (which I love) and angst, but the heroine was a bit of a dickhead.
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