Review: Stepdaddy Savage (Savage People #1) by Charleigh Rose

Sunday, October 2
My rating:
4 Stars…and 1/2

The Synopsis:
You do not say no to Graham Savage, because Graham Savage doesn’t ask. Just like his name suggests, he takes, and right now, he believes I’m his.
He is a cold, calculated, ruthless, formidable Irish mobster, and... my step-dad.

Regardless of the fact that it's nothing more than a business transaction, he's technically married to my mom. Even still, I find myself scared to be caught, yet even more terrified of being cut loose.

They say love is like a butterfly…well, we are about to prove to the world that it’s also like a punch in the face. Sometimes inevitable…and always painful.


Well hello, Charleigh Rose!

What I loved:
- I'm in it for the sex, of course! That's why Stepdaddy Savage exists, right? These mysterious writing peoples did not disappoint. This novella was dirty, twisted, taboo goodness and I loved it like a fat kid loves cake!
- Whoever is responsible for Graham Savage...
- Not trying to read too much into what is, essentially, porn (not complaining), but I actually really liked the way the characters talked. The teens sounded like teens, the grown-ups didn't. I actually read Savage Beast (book #2) first, and the characters in that one don't all sound the same either. This is a good, good thing, as an adult who acts like an adult. Mostly.
- I didn't notice any grammar or spelling or editing issues (the kind that pull you out of the story and have you just looking at the words, instead) so I appreciated that. Especially when this was only a 99c book. Yay for those!! I would pay more than that for a novella of this quality: super hot, good writing, good editing, great cover design. I was really impressed with it.

What I didn’t love:
- That the mother was an asshole.
- Something in the way the story unfolded made it necessary for Graham to explain that he wasn't attracted to her all the way along, and yet he knew he didn't want to actually be her father figure. And he's wanted her body for a while. The creep factor was growing, but he was hot, and the story was dirty, so meh.
- Feeding shots to your 17 year old stepdaughter and making her dance for you? Seems legit like it'd land you in prison.

Glorious, filthy goodness, and a super quick read. Highly recommended.
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