Review: Savage Beast (Savage People #2) by Charleigh Rose

Sunday, October 2
My rating:
4 Stars…

The Synopsis:

Cole and Jade's story

Warning: Taboo, ménage, dirty talk, hot as f*ck.


I dated a mobster. A monster. A maniac.
He left me scarred, marred and done with men in general. The last thing I needed was another man in the very same lifestyle. I might let Cole Savage into my bedroom, but I can't let him into my heart.


She’s been hurt before. She thinks I'll hurt her again.
Problem is, I’m not the one who is trying to hurt her.
Her ex-boyfriend is a part of the Lucky Lucianos, an up-and-coming Italian mafia in New York city. He thought he could get away with what he did to her, but he won't be so lucky when I get my hands on him.


What I loved:
- I actually think this one was raunchier than the first book. Like, the smut-tasticness was amped up to make up for the fact that this wasn't a taboo story. 
- The action and intrigue, while I didn't read it for that, was a great side-story.
- Slaughterhouse Savage. Oh, for all that is holy, where do you get one of those??
- The teaser for Carter's story! Yay!
- Seeing Graham and Dahlia again. I'm not normally a sequel type girl, and with a few exceptions I don't even care about cameos, but it was actually pretty cool to see them!

What I didn’t love:

- How should I put this? When Carter & Cole do their little clean up thing. Swear to God I gagged, but that's just my personal taste. Ok, just gagged again calling it my personal taste.


Just as hot, just as intriguing, just as hell yes to all as the first book of the series, and I can't wait to read Carter & Quinn's story. Please let me not have started this series before it's been completed.

Update: Fuck it all, I've started this series before it's been completed.
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