Top 3 Non-Vanilla Heroes

Sunday, September 11

My three favourite non-vanilla heroes are all big, tough alphas with a kinky twist. All these stories are easily 5 star reads for me, by authors I love, and with a storyline that keeps me going back for more.

When it comes to your heroes, if you prefer the dirty dirty with a bit of a twist - these guys are for you.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you my kinky beasts...

Nicholas Ford
Look But Don't Touch (Touch #1) by Cara Dee

What is he into? Nick is a daddy dom, looking for someone to role play his little girl. Did you know that was a thing? I'm an innocent wee thing, so I didn't. This guy is sexy, powerful and vulnerable, and this novella was crazy hot.
Features age play, ass play, PDA, and mutual masturbation.

Deacon (Unfinished Heroes #4) by Kristen Ashley

What is he into? Deacon is dominant, intimidating, and speaks mostly in grunts and orders. He's also a killer for hire. When he's not hunting down scumbags, he enjoys tying up his lady friends, and - now, here's something I never thought I'd be into - being the one tied down and dominated. 
Features bondage, toys, ass play (M & F).

Willing Victim (Flynn & Laurel #1) by Cara McKenna

What is he into? This is one of my favourite erotic novellas ever! Flynn is an underground brawler / construction guy, with a laid back attitude and pretty specific tastes. Like, he gets off on being the bad guy.
Features voyeurism & simulated non-consent.

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