Review: Something Wonderful (Sequels #2) by Judith McNaught

Wednesday, September 21

My rating:

The tempestuous marriage of Alexandra Lawrence, an innocent country girl, and Jordan Townsende, the rich and powerful Duke of Hawthorne, is about to face its ultimate test of tender loyalty. Swept into the endlessly fascinating world of London society, free-spirited Alexandra becomes ensnared in a tangled web of jealousy and revenge, stormy pride and overwhelming passion. But behind her husband's cold, arrogant mask, there lives a tender, vital, sensual man...the man Alexandra married. Now, she will fight for his very life...and the rapturous bond they alone can share.

What I loved:
- Loved that Alex was smart, and well read.
Quote…Alexandra nodded her agreement and softly quoted," 'There is no fire like passion, no shark like hatred, no torrent like greed.'"
In blank amazement, Jordan stared at her. "What did you say?"
"I didn't say that, Buddha did," Alexandra explained.

She was also optimistic, romantic, tenacious, full of joie de vivre, and such a playful little thing. Cute would be a good way to describe her going into the story.
Or naive... but again, it was cute.

Quote…Jordan had promised to show her how babies were made tonight.
(...) Perhaps it was kept secret because Society didn't want girls like herself, who would have liked a baby with or without a husband, to go around getting babies on their own.
- As with anything Judith McNaught touches, the story was enthralling, and the book was well written, poetic, funny, romantic and dirty all at the same time.
- I really enjoyed how close Alex and the grandmother became. Her relationships with his family were probably a highlight of the story for me.
- The way she pulled herself up out of her funk when she found out the truth about Jordan was awesome! That bastard deserved what he got.

What I didn’t love:
- The wager. I wanted to kick Jordan in his teeth for that one. I felt like he turned all Alex's pain and humiliation (at his hand) into a game, to win her back.
Quote…"Alexandra," he said quietly, "you have no choice."
Reaching out, Jordan ran his hands (...) while he silently fought the urge to pull her to him and seal the victory he already knew was his.

A punch in the snout. That's what you need, Jordan.
And then, he came out with gems like this to manipulate her into being something she didn't need to become.
Quote…"The wager, Alexandra - you promised to be my obedient wife. You wouldn't want to forfeit this early in the game, would you?"

- Oh, and! his manipulations work. It crushed me that Alexandra became this needy little headcase who didn't even know what she wanted.
Quote…As far as she was concerned, tonight he could take his amorous self off to one of dozens of other beds right here in London, occupied by dozens of other women (...)
That thought made her so angry she felt physically sick.


Once and Always and Almost Heaven (the other 2 books in this series) are near perfect books to me. This one, while it was good, was missing the everything-ness that makes me so happy with a Judith McNaught regency romance.
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