Review: Look But Don't Touch (Touch #1) by Cara Dee

Sunday, September 11
My rating:

Nicholas Ford, a successful club owner in his mid-thirties, decided a while back to deny his Daddy nature in order to follow his family’s advice and settle down. The day before he is to attend his girlfriend’s sister’s wedding, he makes an appearance at his BDSM club and runs into Kayla, a bubbly Little Girl who captures his undivided attention. Look but don’t touch, Nicholas tells himself. What he doesn’t know is that Kayla’s in town to go to her cousin’s wedding…

Raunchy, smutty, sexy age-play. I loved this.


What I loved:

- It's a short story, so it's quick, easy reading - no drama, no backstory to speak of. Just smut. Glorious, age-play smut.
- This was the first age-play story I've read, and I loved it. CDs use of words was perfection, her descriptions were hot, the way her characters talked was sexy.
- This might fall under the 'short story' point, but I really enjoyed how to the point and straightforward Nicholas and Kayla were together. I guess if it had been a full length novel we would have seen obstacles and plot devices, but this one didn't really have any. It was just sexy times and a little bit of words in between to take us to the next sexy times. That worked for me.

What I didn’t love:

- Imma go ahead and call this what it is: cheating. I get that Nicholas technically doesn't touch Kayla before he has his quasi-breakup conversation with his girlfriend, but gummon. If my man was sitting between some other girls legs watching her play with herself?



I thought this might be creepy, but I ended up totally into it. I've read a few more age-play stories since this one, and it's definitely the writing that makes this one hot. I found the creepiness in other books of this genre, but CD did a fantastic job here. Loved it!
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