Review: Hell's Knights (The MC Sinners #1) by Bella Jewel

Monday, September 12
My rating:
2 Stars…

What I loved:

Addison has had a hard life. Her mother is useless, and her father hasn't been in her life for years. When her mother dies, she's left with no money and an angry man after her. She goes to the only person she knows can take care of her right now - her father. She knows her father is the President of an MC club, but she doesn't quite realize just how much she will come to rely on that club.

Cade is everything she knows she should stay away from, and yet she can't seem to keep herself from wanting him. He's the club VP, gorgeous, rugged, charming and he makes her feel again. She should be running, she should be escaping the demons of her past, but instead she finds herself falling for the gorgeous biker.

Come on this whirlwind romance with two broken people, who figure out how to put each other back together.


I don't understand. I loved the second book, and this one had none of that good good.


What I loved:

- Cade is the kind of dirty talker I love. I get that a lot of people need roses & rainbows in their smut, but I am not one of those peoples. This is x-rated so avert your eyes, oh ye of delicate disposition:

Quote…He grins, slow and sexy. "Sugar, if I wanted my dick wet, I could get it wet anywhere, with anyone. I don't want my dick wet. I want it fuckin' drenched, drippin' and surrounded in you."

 Quote…I can smell him, and fuck, he smells like man dipped in chocolate, covered with fuckable sprinkles.

Adds fuckable sprinkles to the grocery list.

What I didn’t love:
- Addison is god-awful. I get that the character had a bad past... let's face it, I generally expect that from a biker romance. But this mole can't stop ranting about her bad past to anyone who'll listen. Total strangers, the first time she's laid eyes on any of them.

- And her inner dialogue would lead us to believe she's strong, and can beat anything because she has already beaten everything life could throw at her.
Oh ho ho ho, no she so did not! She's beaten nothing - nothing - she's showed up at her father's MC because she literally has nowhere else to go. She has no job. She has no money. She has no friends. She got through what happened to her in the past by developing a meth habit. She is mean, bitter, bitchy, ungrateful, gets in people's faces, and all this when they are the only people who will help her. That's not beating anything. That, my friend, is a victim.

I resorted to skimming because Addison is the epitome of the TSTL heroine. I've never cheered so hard for a heroine to get killed off. But other than the main character, the book was ok. The peripheral characters reminded me of everything I loved about Heaven's Sinners - one of my top rated Bella Jewel novels.
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