Review: Ghost (Boston Underworld #3) by A. Zavarelli

Thursday, September 1
Ghost by A. Zavarelli
My rating:

I have always been a bird. Caged by one prison or another when the only thing I ever wanted was to fly away.
Sold. Beaten. Starved. Drugged.
Nothing scares me anymore.
Until him.
He makes the numbness go away.
He is hazardous to me. It has nothing to do with his mafia lifestyle, and everything to do with what he offers.
A gilded prison.
A retreat from everything that I once knew. The reality I have no desire to return to.
He thinks he’s caged me, but soon…
I’m going to fly.

I live by a code. The Vory code.
In this mafiya world, there are traditions.
She does not care for these things. She does not care about anything.
She thinks she has me fooled with her haunted eyes.
What she can’t know is that I see her better than most.
She wants to fly.
But I’m going to clip her wings.
And make her my wife.


Easily the best in this series, to date. Loved it!
Quote…"I like it," I admit. "Because maybe that makes us even. Maybe that means it's you and me against the world."
- Talia
What I loved:

- Give me a flawed, violent hero and a marriage of convenience and I am so totally in. A. Zavarelli gives me all that, with a dark and twisted, gritty, at times unbearably depressing story. But I loved Ghost & Talia so much that I soaked up all the dark and grit and misery like a sponge. A soulless schadenfreude-type sponge.
- Ms Zavarelli paints gorgeous characters. Deep, three dimensional, damaged, and loyal, just... ugh. Yum.
- Viktor, Franco & Magda. Weren't they just fantastic. I couldn't think of better people to stand beside Alexei.
- Alexei. So... I like flawed. I like damaged. I like violent. I also like tattooed, and cold, and territorial. All of these things I like, and Alexei owned me from the beginning.
- I didn't know what to expect of Talia & Alexei. I figured I was walking into a Stockholm syndrome situation, and I wasn't. Talia grows. She works on herself. She tries so damned hard to be a better person, and I couldn't help but hope that she'd get more than just a HEA. Something big, something wonderful.
Quote…I can't leave her alone, so I simply sit down with her and cradle her in my arms. She rests her face against my chest and relaxes. Her fingers move over the soft material of my sweater, sliding the material between her thumb and forefinger.
"I don't think I can do this," she says.
That's what she means by those whispered words.
"You can, and you will," I tell her.
- Alexei

- Alexei's revenge is impeccable. Flawless. Bloodthirsty. Loved every gotdamned thing about it.

What I didn’t love:

- This is absolutely a 5 star read for me, and I'd be selling it short to give it anything less, but it's not a flawless read for me. The last 5% gave me whiplash. Literally, from 95% onward was like this crazy Mad Max style race for the HEA. I had no idea what was going on.
- I don't know if my Kindle is having another meltdown - because it's not above those - but this whole book was in bold. And serif, so it was crazy annoying to read.

Awesome. Super awesome. If you're not fanatical about reading a whole series', at least give this book (#3) a chance - by far my favourite of the bunch!
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