Review: Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold by Ellen O'Connell

Wednesday, September 7
Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold by Ellen O'Connell
My rating:

What I loved:

Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold is a story of family conflicts set in Colorado in 1885. Anne Wells has embarrassed her rigidly proper family since she was a child with occasional but grievous lapses from ladylike behavior. They blame those lapses for the disgraceful fact that she is a spinster at 28. Cord Bennett, the son of his father's second marriage to a Cheyenne woman, is more than an embarrassment to his well-to-do family of ranchers and lawyers - they are ashamed and afraid of their black sheep. When Anne and Cord are found alone together, her father's fury leads to violence. Cord's family is more than willing to believe that the fault is his. Can Anne and Cord use the freedom of being condemned for sins they didn't commit to make a life together? Or will their disapproving, interfering families tear them apart?
What I loved:

- Annie - a billion times over. Strong, determined, sweet, ballsy, everything about her made her worthy of her Tigress nickname. From the first page to the last, I wanted great things to happen for her. She deserved every blessing that came her way. I loved how outspoken and feisty she was in her loyalty to Cord.
Quote…"...Maybe you'd just better face the fact that you're stuck with me. When you're ninety years old you're going to wake up in the morning, and there I'll be - with white hair and wrinkles - and you'll still be stuck."
- Cord was the epitome of the strong, silent type. Being part Indian he was subjected to racism the whole way through, in all it's ugly forms, and he took it without complaint. He was a man of few words, he was stubborn, independent, often rude, and I loved every second of him. And when we got a glimpse into his thoughts, the depth of his sweetness... sigh. I could just drown in him.
Quote…As he finally stopped fighting sleep, he wondered if maybe just occasionally the gods designed a woman fit for a king or a prince and then gave her to an ordinary man. Maybe they did such a thing once in a while, knowing an ordinary man would treasure her more, love her better. Maybe they even let him keep her - for a while.

Ms O'Connell, you're killing me!! 


But when he hulked out - OMG. I loved him ten times harder for that, and it was always to defend others. He was a hero in every way. Together, they were one of my favourite ever book couples.
Quote…He knew by now she wouldn't stay mad for long and in fact would probably be smiling in minutes. He suppressed every emotion. She suppressed none.
-  There are so many facets to this story that made it shine for me, this list could go on forever. But generally speaking - the beauty and flaws of all the peripheral characters, the way Cord & Anne slowly thaw the hearts of their small minded townsfolk, the way the story unfolded, the action... it was all stellar.
- The horses! Even if Annie & Cord hadn't been their unbreakable selves, I would have loved them because of how they were with their horses. Everything about that sub-plot was warm & fuzzy perfection, for me.
- Ok, not going to spoil this for anyone, but near the end, there's this thing that Anne's mother tells Cord's brothers when they visit her house. Seriously, it was the best fictional news I've ever heard. In. My. Life. I squee'd like a mad thing.


What I didn’t love:

- I am so not a fan of the Bennetts or the Wells. Rob & Leona were alright in the end, I guess, but man, fuck the Bennetts. Even if they did try and redeem themselves, and even if they were loyal when it came to defending Cord against outsiders, they were so quick to assume the worst about him all the time.
Actually, Peter & Luke were cool, and Eph came around. And Martha & Judith got there in the end. Ok, so mostly I probably just hate Frank, and even he made me smile when the marshal came.

So, I guess there was nothing I didn't love about this story. 


This is a beautiful book about resilient, engaging characters who turn a totally shitty situation into one of the most beautiful relationships I've ever read. I soaked up every word of every page, and I already know I'm going to read this one over and over again.
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