Review: The Bourbon Thief by Tiffany Reisz

Wednesday, September 21
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When Cooper McQueen wakes up from a night with a beautiful stranger, it's to discover he's been robbed. The only item stolen—a million-dollar bottle of bourbon. The thief, a mysterious woman named Paris, claims the bottle is rightfully hers. After all, the label itself says it's property of the Maddox family who owned and operated Red Thread Bourbon distillery since the last days of the Civil War until the company went out of business for reasons no one knows… No one except Paris.

In the small hours of a Louisville morning, Paris unspools the lurid tale of Tamara Maddox, heiress to the distillery that became an empire. But the family tree is rooted in tainted soil and has borne rotten fruit. Theirs is a legacy of wealth and power, but also of lies, secrets and sins of omission. The Maddoxes have bourbon in their blood—and blood in their bourbon. Why Paris wants the bottle of Red Thread remains a secret until the truth of her identity is at last revealed, and the century-old vengeance Tamara vowed against her family can finally be completed.


I get it.This is like one of those banned subliminal message ads that just makes me want to get sloshed constantly. Or maybe it's just me. It totally could be.
But, oh man, what a story!
What I loved:

- Loved it from the crisp top right corner of it's pristine cover, to the crinkled, splitting spine when I was done. Loved it all!
- Ms Reisz's characters. This is my first book by her, so I didn't know what to expect. I heard she could do wonderful things with a story, and I was so, absolutely not disappointed. The characters I hated - I hated with every fiber of my being. The characters I loved - I have pledged my undying loyalty to. TR takes the time to let us get close to the characters, understand them, feel what they feel. It was a wonderful journey.
- The whole damned plot was awesome! Most of the way through this story, I thought I knew what might come next. I was thrilled to be proven so very wrong.
- Well hello, Levi.
He wasn't your typical hero. Or not my typical hero, anyway. He was actually the more sheltered of the main couple, and quite a sweet homebody underneath it all. His outlook on things was romantic, and poetic, and what he wanted in life was very simple and sweet.
Quote…Wildflowers grew all around the base of the house, nearly choking the porch. He refused to think of them as weeds even if they were. They were too beautiful to be called ugly names.

Pairing that up with such a rugged, blunt character was artfully done. I just adored his gorgeous, vulnerable ass!
Quote…"You're joking. I know you didn't like it."
"Yeah, I know, too." Levi tried to swallow the fear. It stuck in his throat. "I make jokes when I'm scared."
"You make jokes all the time."
"I'm scared all the time."
"I'll protect you," Tamara said. He would have teased her, except the way she said it... he almost believed her.

- Tamara! Who'd'a thunk I'd ever be cheering for a spoiled 17 year old, but cheer I did. For all her spoiled, entitled, judgemental ways, she was good where it counted.
- TR's writing is so perfectly quirky. She made me smile, and cry, and pageflip like a madwoman to know what was going to happen next.
- Everything that happens after Paris leaves McQueen's house. So much YES!! I was jumping out of my skin with excitement.
- The dirrty game is strong in this one. Disturbing, when you look back, but strong.
- And ***SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER*** my favourite part of all:
 Levi marrying Paris so she gets everything when he dies. Not that I think Levi should ever die. This would actually be the only time I could accept a book suddenly having vampires in it.

What I didn’t love:

- Is it just me, or was Paris annoying? Some of her internal dialogue was bizarre. She annoyed the shit out of me - I just wanted to shake her and say get on with the damned story, woman!
- What a hot mess that Maddox lot turned out to be. Jesus.

Excellent writing, beautiful storytelling, an intriguing, dramatic plot and a beautiful (if not super gross when you look back) love story. Who could ask for anything more??
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